Clinical Communication

Call or message team members by name, role, group, or extension - or from within an EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record) notification. See who is calling and why; caller ID presents context including caller, patient, and alarms. Click within a secure message to display real-time patient information and up-to-date care team assignments. Send and receive broadcasts and messages with context about recipients, tagged patients, and/or safety concerns.

Seamless Experience

Access full Vocera Edge functionality during voice and video calls; call or message from within an EHR notification.

Voice Communication

Reach the right person or group easily. Call people inside or outside your health system.

Secure Messaging

Send and receive closed-loop text messages. Message with people outside the hospital.

Video Communication

Make and receive video calls with individuals and groups.

Parkview Health System improved HCAHPS score


in the “Communication about Medicines” category with help from Vocera Edge

“Leveraging mobility to allow healthcare professionals to spend less time trying to collaborate with each other and more time providing patient care improves patient safety and the healthcare experience for everyone.”

Steve Shirley
VP of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Parkview Health System

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Vocera Edge Smartphone App

Inform Clinical Decision Making and Save Time

Forward and receive event and alarm notifications with patient context appended. Click within the secure message to quickly navigate to the patient’s record and communicate with assigned care team members.

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