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Get more value from your investment in Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Allscripts, and other EHRs by complementing EHR mobile apps with Vocera Edge. Simplify Clinical Communication & Collaboration (CC&C) deployment, configuration, and maintenance by reducing the overhead required to scale with our cloud-based solutions. See which users are sending messages and making phone calls, and easily get data to support HIPAA audit trail requirements

Simplified Deployment and System Administration

Reduce the overhead required to scale with our cloud-based solutions.

Monitoring and Analytics

Receive automatic alerts of issues preemptively or immediately, and assurance they’re being addressed.


Data is encrypted across your network, at rest and in transit; we run on HITRUST-certified AWS cloud services.

Software, Operating Systems, and Devices

The Edge app runs on iOS or Android smartphones with support for BYOD and shared device models.

Vocera Mobile Maturity Model for Healthcare

A clear framework for assessing your organization’s mobile maturity and helping you plan for successful adoption of technologies for mobile workflow and communication.

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  • Defining outcomes, and monitoring and optimizing performance.
  • Designing workflows for effective cross-enterprise collaboration.
  • Planning for integration of communication with clinical and operational systems.
  • Selecting applications to allow streamlined, enhanced workflows.
  • Managing mobile devices and the infrastructure.

Vocera Mobile Maturity Model for Healthcare

A Framework For Clinical Mobility Assessment And Planning


Over the past six years, healthcare has seen a dramatic increase in the volume of mobile and smartphone devices in use in hospitals by staff and patients alike. The sweeping transition to and adoption of these devices gives rise to a high impact trend shaping the mobile-enabled transformation of the healthcare enterprise: The emergence of Clinical Communication & Collaboration (CC&C) as an indispensable product category for the modern health system1. As health systems start to look beyond their EHRs for further value at the point-of-care to improve quality and productivity, CC&C solutions offer an intuitive path, leveraging the power of mobile experiences to help care teams achieve better outcomes while improving the experience of care.

With the aid of smartphone enabled applications, we can now seamlessly connect the extended care team across inpatient and outpatient settings on a real-time basis. This level of connectivity can deliver significant value such as improving the timeliness of care, and patient, care team and clinical context consistency across hand-offs. However, successful adoption and use of mobile technologies in the healthcare industry still faces significant challenges.

Fragmentation continues to be the norm across infrastructure, devices, integration points, applications, and clinical workflows. In fact, frontline users of mobile devices and applications are already experiencing an increase in workflow fragmentation. A recent HIMSS Analytics study noted that the average clinician has to navigate at least five different devices and application modalities in order to communicate and collaborate with the rest of the care team throughout their shift2. High levels of fragmentation and the general lack of a comprehensive mobility strategy hinders the industry’s progress toward sustainable mobility investments and ushering the clinical communication and collaboration category forward.

As health system IT and clinical organizations respond to the rapidly evolving trends in both CC&C and app-enabled patient engagement, we are observing the need for a clear framework for assessing an organization’s mobile maturity. This framework can inform a cohesive clinical communication and collaboration strategy that aligns the appropriate people, processes, and technologies to deliver an optimized mobile experience for staff and patients alike. Therefore, we are proposing this inaugural version of the Vocera® Mobile Maturity Model for Healthcare® to help our colleagues and customers organize strategic and operational planning for a successful mobility journey.


Start with Vision & Outcomes

  • 01

    Outcomes Defined & Envisioned

    Clinical, financial & operational outcomes.

  • 02

    Workflows Assessed & Designed

    End User Experience in cross functional care team collaboration.
    (MD <> RN <> rest of care team)

  • 03

    Integrations Assessed & Defined

    Date sources for delivery of content to smartphone.

  • 04

    Application Selected

    End User Experience; streamlined workflows; well integrated product.

  • 05

    Devices Management Approach Determined

    Best form factor / performance against workflow, integration, UX and infastructure, MDM and device management plan.

  • 06

    Infrastructure Optimized

    WIFI optimization; PBX planning.

The 5 Stages of Maturity


Designed to help health systems achieve the highest level of mobile technology adoption success

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