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Secure, Fully Integrated, and Scalable

Enable nurses, doctors, and everyone who delivers patient care to communicate with less effort and make informed decisions quickly, with the leading platform for clinical communication and workflow. Streamline the flow of information among people and clinical systems. Get unmatched clinical expertise, proven security compliance, and the flexibility to choose the right device for the role.

The Vocera Platform is the core of every Vocera solution. It is an operating environment for a set of systems, software, and communication devices. These include:

  • Communication software: Enable voice calling and HIPAA-compliant secure texting inside and outside the hospital.
  • Smartphones and wearable devices: We offer the wearable, voice-controlled Vocera Badge and the rugged, multi-functional Zebra MC40-HC smartphone. Our software also runs on Apple iOS, VoIP devices, and desktop consoles.
  • Care experience software: Make it easier for nurse leaders to address patient needs to improve satisfaction and outcomes by sending alerts from a tablet or Apple iPad to the right person instantly.
  • Alarm management system: Help reduce interruption fatigue and improve patient safety with event-driven alarm management.
  • System Integration and Interoperability: Our solutions interface with most clinical systems used in hospitals, and are interoperable with many.

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Every Second Counts

Every second counts

Vocera ensures critical information reaches the right person at the right time on the right device.


Vocera partners with top wireless infrastructure partners to ensure seamless connectivity for reliable communication and collaboration.

Wireless Infrastructure Partners

Enterprise-Grade Communication Platform

Vocera offers a single enterprise-grade communication platform that delivers integrated, intelligent communication solutions that adapt to the context of dynamic, mobile situations.

The Vocera Communication Platform Integrates with More Than 70 Clinical Systems

Maximum Security

Vocera encrypts data both in-transfer and at-rest, ensuring maximum security of protected health information (PHI) and compliance with HIPAA regulations. The Vocera Communication Platform combines security with convenience, integrates with Active Directory for Single Sign-On functionality, and includes a full-permissions model for tight control of feature sets and system functions.

Analytics & Reporting

Vocera provides extensive reporting that documents call and text volumes, call locations, team member use, device management, and diagnostic details. Reports are fully customizable, enabling hospitals to create and refine evidence-based management strategies.

Analytics & Reporting

System Management

The Vocera Communication Platform is built on a modular server architecture that is secure, reliable and customizable to accommodate a wide range of environments and needs. Enterprise-class redundancy, failover technology, and internal push mechanisms ensure maximum uptime and dependable delivery of critical communications and data.

System Management

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Vocera empowers people in mission-critical environments to instantly connect via secure, mobile, integrated and intelligent communication solutions.

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