Vocera Ease Patient and Family Engagement

Discover how to create a richer, more human connection with patients and their loved ones before, during, and after care. Strengthen patient safety, quality of care, and transparency. Keep loved ones informed and help reduce anxiety. Our solutions are here to help across the care experience.

  • Ease Application: Keep loved ones informed with meaningful updates.
  • Rounds: Gain insight into patients’ care experience and staff engagement.
  • Pre-Arrival: Gauge patients’ preparedness and cancellation risk prior to admittance.
  • Care Inform: Make instructions and teach-back sessions available.
  • Care Calls: Improve post-discharge engagement to help reduce readmissions.

Ease Application

Patient and Family Communication Solution

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When hospital visitation is restricted, loved ones are left waiting and wondering about health status. Digital boards and templatized care-transition messages don’t do enough to calm anxiety. The Ease application provides an important bridge. Clinicians can initiate a HIPAA compliant two-way video call or send one-way messages, photos, and videos. The Ease application integrates into workflow and makes it simple for loved ones to provide feedback.

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For Patient Experience and Staff Engagement

Round to help improve the patient and staff experience with this iPad-based tool designed in alignment with your workflows and goals.

  • View sentiment trends in near-real time to identify areas in need of attention.
  • Identify patients and staff at risk for dissatisfaction and issues that present risk of increasing a patient’s length of stay
  • Monitor compliance with operational requirements.
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Where the Care Experience Begins

Send automatic notifications to patients and family members prior to hospital admittance that share critical information.

Enable patients and family members to access educational materials around the clock in advance of scheduled procedures. Monitor patient engagement and comprehension to gauge preparedness and identify cancellation risk.

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Patient Access to Educational Materials
Enable patients and family members to access educational materials around the clock prior to scheduled procedures

Care Inform

The Patient Experience Continues

Record live instructions and teach-back sessions at the patient’s bedside and make them available for patients, family members, and caregivers to access anytime during and after the patient’s stay for a better patient experience.

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Care Calls

Monitor patient and family understanding of and compliance with the care plan using best-practice checklists and call scripts. Streamline patient post-discharge calls and manage caregiver workflows to avoid redundancies in patient outreach.

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