Mobile Applications

Streamline hospital communication through voice-driven workflows, secure text, and actionable alerts

Bring care teams and information together with patient-centric communication workflow. Reduce time to act and intervene by receiving filtered, prioritized notifications directly from the EHR and other systems. Securely access patient data from the EHR at the point of care and write back directly to the patient record through closed-loop, bi-directional communication. Report changes in patient status. View critical test results. Instantly connect by secure text or voice.

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See Communication In Action

Alarm Management System

Help reduce interruption fatigue with
a unified, intelligent, event-driven
alarm management solution.

Smartphones and Wearable Badges

Choose the ideal device
for your role and workflow. Whether your hospital supports a BYOD, shared device, or hybrid model, we offer device options for your needs.

System Integration and Interoperability

Integrate patient information with workflow through
interoperability with most systems used in hospitals.

Dynamic Master Directory

Call and send secure text messages by
name, role, or group without needing to
know phone numbers or who is on call.

Streamline Hospital Communication

Vocera Edge

Enhance care team mobility and simplify the work at the point of care through effective, reliable clinical workflows with Edge, a cloud-based communication solution for smartphones. Nurses can document to the EHR while receiving filtered, prioritized alarm and task notifications. Physicians can easily locate and communicate with the nurse and team members supporting their patients, saving time with each connection.


Optimize patient safety by helping clinicians to make decisions in real time. The Vina smartphone app lets you see the most important communications first in an intuitive, customizable experience. Easily triage importance and form a meaningful picture of a situation quickly. Know when a patient’s status declines or there is risk of sepsis.


Create a richer, more human connection for patients and their loved ones before, during, and after care with the Ease, Ease smartphone app. Improve satisfaction and engagement for patients, families, and staff. Strengthen patient safety, quality of care, and transparency.

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