Vocera Pre-Arrival Communication

Engage patients prior to arrival to reduce no shows and ensure compliance with instructions

Vocera Pre-Arrival Communication provides the right information to patients at the right time, empowering them to prepare for a procedure or hospital stay. This timely communication and education helps ease patient fears, simplifies the pre-arrival process, and improves the healthcare experience. Organizations benefit by decreasing no-shows and last-minute cancellations,  and increasing throughput, engagement and satisfaction.

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Vocera Care Experience Solution Brief

With Vocera Pre-Arrival Communication, hospitals can send automatic reminders to patients and family members for critical preparation steps, such as dietary restrictions, drug complications, checklists, and logistical information, prior to hospital admission.

Vocera Care Experience Solution Brief

Pre-Arrival Communication Sets Expectations and Improves Patient Experience, Workflow, and Clinical Outcomes

Mount Sinai Health System reduced no-show rates from 40% to 15% and poor prep rates from 15% to 4.7%, leading to a combined total increase in case volume of 800 cases following implementation of a patient navigation program. Read this whitepaper to learn more about the program and how they achieved these results.

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Pre-Arrival Communication Sets Expectations and Improves Patient Experience, Workflow Efficiency, and Clinical Outcomes
Key Features
Automatic Reminders for Patients

Automatic Reminders for Patients

Prior to a procedure or test, send just-in-time reminders to patients and family members about critical preparation steps, such as dietary restrictions, drug complications, what-to-bring checklists, parking instructions, and more, directly from your iOS application.

Ensure Patient Understanding

Assign educational videos, materials, and payment policies to the patient for review prior to the scheduled appointment to ensure there are no surprises on the day of the visit.

Ensure Patient Understanding
Monitor & Analyze

Monitor & Analyze

Monitor patient engagement and comprehension through questionnaires to gauge the patient’s preparedness, and trigger alerts to the pre-admission team if patient is at-risk for cancellation. Analyze cancellation rates and causes to proactively address patient obstacles and identify areas for improvement.

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Vocera Care Experience helps improve the patient experience and reduce readmissions by engaging patients at critical points in the healthcare journey from pre-arrival, throughout a hospital stay, during the hospital discharge process, and after they transition home or to another care setting

Webinar: Reduce No-Shows, Improve Outcomes with Better Patient Engagement

Too often, patients are under-educated and under-prepared for scheduled procedures and visits. This lack of preparation and engagement can lead to no-shows, late starts, poor patient experience, suboptimal outcomes and negative financial impact.

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