Adult Hospital Patient Satisfaction scores

Acute Care

Experience: Over 7,900 patient family surveys at adult hospital system

Based on my experience with Ease, I would recommend this hospital to others?
Strongly Agree 98%

Ease showed a level of commitment to transparency and better communication by this hospital.
Strongly Agree 98%

Would the availability of Ease influence your choice of hospital if you, or a loved one, require surgery?
Strongly Agree 93%

Did Ease updates reduce your anxiety?
Yes 99%

Rate your satisfaction with Ease updates throughout surgery
9.8 out of 10

Would you use Ease again if you had surgery in the future?
Yes 99%

Adult Hospital Patient Satisfaction scores after 2 months of implementation.
  • Hospital rating increase of 8%
  • Communication with Nurses increase 67%
  • Communication with physicians increase 7%
  • Recommend hospital increase 22%

6-month HCAHPS Survey Comparison Study at Orlando Health

  1. 6% average increase in adult patients
  2. 4% average increase in pediatric patients
  3. Ease raised the average scores of 9 HCAHPS questions
  4. Hospitals with more Ease utilization saw higher HCAHPS scores
  5. Hospitals that sent pictures and videos received higher HCAHPS scores

Surgical Patients that experienced Ease vs Surgical Patients that did not experience Ease n = 3,585 / p < 0.05

Press Ganey questions that improved after implementation of Ease
  • Doctors explain in a way you understand 13% increase with Ease
  • Nurses kept you informed 2.3% increase with Ease
  • Staff addressed my emotional needs 6.1% increase with Ease
  • Nurses explain in a way you understand 4.8% increase with Ease
  • Staff worked together to 
care for you 4% increase with Ease
  • Staff attitude towards visitors 3.3% increase with Ease
  • Physicians addressed my concerns and worries 7.4% increase with Ease
  • Physicians kept you informed 7.5% increase with Ease
  • Likelihood to recommend this hospital 4.3% increase with Ease

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