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Group Video Conferencing

Hospitals can use a wide range of options for video conferencing with patients and families. Often all these technologies must be used interchangeably depending on where the patient is located and what the clinical team is using on that floor. This approach also forces nurses into the role of technical support when they should be focused on caring for patients. Now imagine a single mobile app that can be used by all hospital staff and families — making it easier to stay connected. That’s Ease.

Patient & Family Communication Made Easy

Improving Patient and Family Communication, Improves HCAHPS Scores

Reduce anxiety and improve family experience

Ease is a portfolio of cloud-based applications that help create a richer, more human connection for patients and their loved ones before, during, and after care. Ease supports HIPAA compliant two-way video conferencing with patients and families. Ease group video conferencing is compatible with Apple & Android devices. Patient select their video call recipients, and calls are only initiated by the clinician.

  • Scan a patient’s medical bracelet to video conference with families located anywhere in the country
  • Use group video conferencing to support care decisions and allow face-to-face communication when patients and families can’t be together
  • Use the Ease app for virtual patient rounding updates, and with customizable surveys, measure patient and family satisfaction in real-time

Simple and secure medical communication

Ease has been independently tested to verify security and protection of hospital PHI, allowing nurses to send updates in all clinical areas including surgery.


Customized Patient Options

Patients can select exactly whom they choose from their contacts to be able to video conference from the Ease app. It provides families with the ability to control who can participate in video conferences and clinicians can select from this list who they are connecting with

Since the app works on both iOS and Android platforms, it ensures that no matter what type of phone or mobile device a patient or family member has, they’ll be able to join in the video conference. This free nurses from playing “IT support” and allows them to focus on caring for the patient.

Hospital-Wide Access

From the ER to the OR, to the ICU to the NICU and any medical floor, the Ease app offers hospital-wide group video conferencing all from a single mobile app. In the OR, surgeons can video-conference the family post-procedure for an update rather than trying to track them down somewhere in the hospital.

With the ICU or medical floors, Ease group video conferencing is a perfect fit for physicians making their daily patient-rounds. They can simply scan the patient’s medical bracelet to launch an Ease group video conferencing call to family members — it’s that easy. Families no longer must be physically present or onsite at the hospital to receive timely medical updates about their loved ones.


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