Vocera Ease Application

Messaging Use Cases

Clinicians can send videos and messages to keep families updated from anywhere in the hospital. Notify families in the waiting room when surgery is completed or message them about the progress of a procedure in real-time. Inform families of a loved ones progress during recovery in the ICU.

CEO & CIO On The Impact of Ease

Operating Room Updates

Imagine you’re the circulating nurse in the OR. The patient’s family is quietly sitting in the waiting room eager for an update. While the patient is under anesthesia, the nurse sends the family a quick note using the Ease MD app; comforting them and keeping them in the loop on their loved one’s medical status.  

This real-time, HIPAA-compliant communication provides a window into the operating room for the family to “see” (and know) what’s going on during the procedure. These messages are one-way from the nurse to the patient’s family and they don’t interrupt care. Notifications can be sent as text-only, text with photo and text with video. 

Simple and secure medical communication

Ease has been independently tested to verify security and protection of hospital PHI, allowing nurses to send updates in all clinical areas including surgery.


ICU & Medical Floor Updates

In the ICU or medical floor, a nurse can use the Ease app to simply scan the patient’s medical bracelet and then send updates to their family and friends in the waiting room or outside the hospital (anywhere in the country). This allows the patient to easily transition from surgery to recovery because their family is informed along every step of the journey. These messages keep the family involved throughout the process — especially important since they are usually part of the care team when the patient is discharged. 

The Ease app is also a great way to communicate to those who couldn’t get to the hospital during the patient’s care. Additionally, using the Ease app helps to improve HCAHPS scores and decreases in-bound calls to the floor areas of the hospital. Why? Since the floor nurses are sending regular updates to the families, they are no longer calling to ask about their loved one — potentially interrupting workflow and patient care. 

NICU Updates

Sending parents frequent updates when their child is admitted to the NICU is crucial — and comforting for them. And since kids can sometimes spend weeks being cared for in the NICU, the Ease app plays a vital role in sending parents videos and photos of their child when they return to work or attend to life’s other duties. It is also helpful for updating moms who have undergone an emergency C-section and can’t physically be with their infant as they recover.

Video messages

from clinicians

Stop searching for your families after surgery. Let them know when you are done and ready to speak with them. Send updates directly to your families to relieve anxiety and have them waiting to speak to you.

ER Updates

When a patient arrives and is registered in the ER, the Ease app can be used to send them updates on their status or when they will be seen by a nurse or physician. The app can even let the patient know their labs have been ordered or a room has been assigned to them. This allows patients and families to stay “in the loop” during a period of stress — and proactively answers many of their questions before they’re even asked. Ease enables you to communicate efficiently and seamlessly throughout the patient’s ER experience.


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