How it Works

Vocera Ease is simple to use. It mimics the workflow nurses use every day when scanning the patient medical bracelet. Patients can be admitted into Ease with or without EHR integration for rapid deployment and scalability. Our proven process allows for nurses to scan and send the patient's medical bracelet information anywhere in the hospital.

No complicated, dashboards, infrastructure or hardware needed.

Simply download in the app store to your mobile device.

Learn How Ease Works

Patient Registration

To begin, a patient simply downloads Ease from the app store using their personal device. Then they completes a simple registration and consent. The patient can invite their loved ones to receive updates.

Scan and Send

Ease connects to the standard hospital bracelet. Sending updates is as simple as scanning the barcode on the medical bracelet and composing your message.

Sending Messages

Ease allows care teams via the mobile app or a web dashboard, to easily send secure messages using unlimited multi-lingual templates, photos, and videos.


Ease includes
customizable pre-made
messages in any


Ease allows you to
communicate from
anywhere in the hospital. It
uses a mobile app and web
dashboard to allow
clinicians to easily send
updates from surgery, ICU,
ER and medical floor.

Updates Last 60

Our encrypted
transmission of updates to
the mobile app enables
HIPAA compliance. View
updates for 60 seconds
before they disappear.
Nothing is saved on any

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