Vocera Ease Application

Hospital Survey & Analytics

The importance of measuring and demonstrating the value of a hospital initiative is paramount. Ease surveys are customizable and allow you to survey your families instantly as the process is happening. Why wait weeks for a standard mail survey when you get get instant feedback and allow your team to perform real-time service recovery.

Senior Executives On Impact of Ease

Improve Patient and Family Experience

Send HIPAA compliant updates to patients and their family with Vocera Ease.


Operating Room


Emergency Room


ICU & Medical Floor





Improving Patient and Family Communication, Improves HCAHPS Scores

Survey Patients and Families with Ease

The Ease app provides a convenient and powerful tool to survey both patients and families about their overall hospital experience. Our app not only allows hospitals to fully customize survey content, but also select time-intervals as well:

  • Ask specific clinical or patient-experience questions in real-time — perfect for service recovery
  • Track survey-answers aligned to specific hospital initiatives such as frequency of nurse rounding or effective patient communication
  • Gauge how well Ease is helping in your communication efforts by asking patients and families what they have experienced or think

“I’ve been with Health First since 1992, and this is the most customer-centric tool I’ve experienced. Ease has been incredibly well received by patients, their families and the staff, who find the ability to communicate with family members rewarding. We know the effectiveness of Ease by data collected.”

-Dr. Mark Rosenbloom
Vice President of Clinical Transformation
Health First

Collect Feedback

At the end of every Ease session, a customizable survey is generated allowing the hospital to collect valuable patient satisfaction data for process improvement. Receive notification of survey scores in real-time to assist in service recovery.

Learn more about how Ease is improving the patient and family experience.

Real-time Surveying

Imagine hearing from a patient (or family member) about an issue with a specific nurse and then being able to correct this oversight before it becomes a larger concern. Clinical staff can access the Ease system and quickly review survey results, and then immediately work to resolve the issue. Ease provides a user-friendly portal where clinical staff can review survey results and data.

Simple and secure medical communication

Ease has been independently tested to verify security and protection of hospital PHI, allowing nurses to send updates in all clinical areas including surgery.


Actionable Data

View real-time feedback and advanced analytics in the Ease Customer Portal. Measure ROI, feedback from your patients, nursing team statistics and overall solution performance.



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