Vocera Ease Application

Ease App vs. Competitors

EMR modules send SMS text messages that are not HIPAA compliant if they contain PHI. For that reason they can only send generic nondescript updates and open the door for HIPAA violations. In addition, Ease is tied to a patient’s medical bracelet allowing you to update throughout the hospital stay.

The Impact of Vocera Ease

Evaluating Ease vs EMR Texting Module?

If your loved one was having surgery what would you prefer? Ease far exceeds the competition in its ability to provide multimedia messages with a customized experience for the patient & family. The Ease app requires limited IT resources to implement and deploy. Ease is as simple as downloading the application and your device is ready to provide updates.

The Benefits Implementing Ease

Ease in Adult Surgery

Ease connects to the standard patient medical bracelet.
Update with an app throughout the hospital stay in all clinical areas including surgery. Ease goes everywhere without the need for a desktop workstation.

Ease has been proven to increase HCAHPS.

EMR texting modules have not.

See a study showing the influence of improved communication on Press Ganey Scores throughout a 6 month evaluation, Press Ganey scores were analyzed and demonstrated a steady increase as the Ease program became more widely adopted and utilization increased.

Ease NICU Communication

Controlled and secure EASE NICU updates cost approximately 65% less than NICU streaming cameras.

Evaluating Ease App vs NICU streaming Cameras?

Send texts, photos and videos anywhere in the hospital. With the Ease app you have control to send updates as they are appropriate without a live stream camera being used. Leverage a variety of pre-built NICU phrases built into the application to make the nurse communication experience easier. Control when you send pictures and videos.

Ease Anxiety for Patient Families

Ease Connects Parents with their Babies

Simple and secure medical communication

Ease has been independently tested to verify security and protection of hospital PHI, allowing nurses to send updates in all clinical areas including surgery.




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