Vocera Ease Application

Features and Security

The Vocera Ease App is foundationally built to support secure communication. Easily update a patient’s loved ones with HIPAA-compliant messaging using unlimited multi-lingual templates, photos, videos and group video conferencing. Clinicians can easily update families throughout the emergency department, surgery, ICU and medical floors.

A Nurses Perspective on Ease

End-to-End Encryption

All messages are encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption and in transit using TLS 1.2 encryption.

SOC2- TYPE 2 Compliant Cloud Infrastructure

Ease leverages Amazon AWS for the highest level of compliance.

Independently Audited

Ease annually undergoes a HITRUST compliance audit. Veracode penetration test are performed regularly.

EHR Integration Options

Ease does not require integration with any hospital system to function. Optional integration with your EHR can occur as needed.

Dedicated Customer Support

Ease handles all customer support calls from your patients, their recipients and your clinical team.

Reliable Cloud Technology

Your data is hosted within AWS secure cloud. All data on the cloud is secure. AWS is used by leading Fortune 500 companies.

All Messages Removed

All message data is removed nightly from our servers and within 60 seconds of viewing from the recipient devices.

Customizable pre-formed messages in other languages

You can create your own pre-made messages and easily send throughout the process. Add other languages to enable patient communication to everyone. Quickly send messages from Pre-op, Surgery, PACU, ICU and the Medical Floor with Ease. Choose your language and a pre-translated messages will appear in English for you to select and send. Efficient, fast and easy to use. Communication with all your patients in now in the palm of your hands.

Patient does the registration, not your nurses

Ease allows the patient to create a network of loved ones to receive all the updates you send. Your nurses aren’t having to track down phone numbers or enter them in a dashboard. Keep everyone informed even those not at the hospital.

Read Receipts

Clinicians know how many people have read each message that is sent during surgery.

Inappropriate language filtering

Ease prevents users from sending words which are considered “curse words” in the English language. If a typo or autocorrect inadvertently changes a misspelled word to a curse word, Ease will prevent sending the message.

Mute Button for video updates

Clinicians can choose to send video with no sound. Send a visual update without background noises or nearby conversations.

Simple and Secure Medical Communication

Ease has been independently tested to verify security and protection of hospital PHI, allowing nurses to send updates in all clinical areas including surgery.


Emergency Room Communication with Ease

Send custom and pre-made messages to patients & families from the Emergency Room. EHR integration allows for automated messages to be sent out to save you time. Use the web-based dashboard for monitoring & sending of custom messages to all your patients and their loved ones. For doctors and nurses, EASE creates workflow efficiency and makes communication simple and secure without adding additional processes.

Real-time feedback to your nurses

An engaged nursing team is key to any hospital initiative. Families can like, heart and thank the nurses in real-time for their messages with Ease Reactions emojis. Ease promotes nursing engagement and improves the patient provider relationship. Nurses feel appreciated for sending messages and connect with their patients in a whole new way.


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