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Lehigh Valley Health Network

With a focus on innovation, connected care, and improving the healthcare experience, the perioperative leadership team at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), located in northeastern Pennsylvania, wanted a solution to enhance engagement with patients’ families.

The LVHN team selected the Vocera Ease app because it fit best with the compassionate culture and mission of the health network.

A CEO’s Perspective on Ease

About Lehigh Valley Health Network

Care team members use the Ease app to keep loved ones informed of the patient’s status with secure messages using unlimited multi-lingual templates, photos, and videos. In turn, loved ones can respond to Ease updates with emojis, giving immediate feedback and support to caregivers. The messages disappear 60 seconds after being viewed, which provides an additional layer of security.

The personalized messages sent via Ease keep loved ones updated throughout a patient’s surgery. They also give loved ones the freedom to await the outcome of the surgery outside of the typical hospital waiting room.

It was our hope that connecting with patients’ loved ones in a more timely and personal way would help provide more comfort and care to them.
Hope Johnson, DNP, MBA, RN
Administrator of Perioperative Services

What Our Customers are Saying?



Their experience with the Ease app demonstrates compassion and caring towards family members.



The availability of the Ease app would influence their choice of a hospital.



Experience with Ease demonstrates compassionate care.


  • To date LVHN clinical team members have sent more than 75,000 Ease app messages and the app has been used by over 8,500 families and loved ones in all 50 states.
  • One of the biggest benefits of using the Ease app is the ability to receive real-time, customizable survey feedback. In the LVHN real-time surveys, 96% of family and friends responding have said they “strongly agree” when asked if their experience with EASE showed a level of commitment to transparency and better communication.

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