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Health First

It’s a feeling of anxiety many of us can understand, waiting for news about a loved one in surgery. Health First understood those concerns and now offering Vocera Ease application to help relieve that anxiety experienced by patient’s loved ones.

"As a patient-centric organization, part of our responsibility is to communicate with family members, giving them updates about their loved one's condition and prognosis," said Mark Rosenbloom, MD, Vice President of Clinical Transformation at Health First.

About Health First

Health First understood that a lack of timely or contextual information can cause worry and anxiety for friends and families. The organization decided it needed a solution to improve communication.

  • Between April and December of 2020, care teams sent more than 34,000 secure updates to patients' families and friends across all 50 states.
  • In addition to use in the operating rooms and cardiac catheterization labs, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) implemented the app.
  • The Ease app updates have made a positive impact on parents and grandparents of babies in the NICU.

We started out using the app in a pilot program in the operating rooms at our tertiary hospital. Because of the positive results, we expanded it to at all four of our Health First hospitals.
Mark Rosenbloom, MD
Vice President of Clinical Transformation

What Our Customers are Saying?



Their experience with the Ease app demonstrates compassion and caring towards family members.



Based on their experience with the app, they would recommend the hospital to others.



Their experience with Ease showed a commitment to better communication by the hospital.


  • Between April and December 2020, Health First care team members received more than 46,000 prayer hands, thumbs-up, and heart emojis from patients’ loved ones in response Ease messages they sent.
  • Reduced anxiety and improved family experience.
  • Increased loyalty to the hospital

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