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Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

In 2012, a clinical and technical team at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, part of Orlando Health in Orlando, Florida, began a quest to enable communication directly from the operating room to family members and loved ones.

The goal was to deploy a mobile app for sending texts, pictures, and videos in real-time. The app needed to be easy to use for both the clinicians sending the messages and the loved ones receiving them. It would also need to send information securely and conform to stringent HIPAA regulations.

The Impact of Ease App

About Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children deployed the Vocera Edge app to enable clinicians to provide patients’ family members and loves ones with real-time updates of surgical procedures. Important features of the app that helped speed clinician adoption included an easy to use, attractive user interface, secure cloud-based storage, individual sign-on and password protection, and all content disappearing after 60 seconds of viewing.

One of the biggest benefits of using the app is it makes mom and dad feel a part of the process for their child.
Cary D’Ortona, President
Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

What Our Customers are Saying?



The Vocera Ease app reduced their anxiety while their loved on was in surgery.



The availability of the Ease app would influence their choice of a hospital.



Nature of the images received was appropriate.


  • The use of the Ease app to communicate in real-time from the operating room enhances the family experience and improves satisfaction.
  • Physicians and nurses report that using the Ease app to update the families is more efficient, reliable, valuable, and enjoyable than the traditional phone call.
  • Communication is a vital component of the health care experience, and the surgical operating room has often lagged behind other areas in keeping families informed.

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