Simplifying Family Communication, Reducing Nurse Burden
Wednesday, Sept 1
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Vocera Ease Application

What is the Ease App?

The Vocera Ease application provides hospitals the means to communicate in a convenient and secure way. Digital boards and templatized care-transition messages don’t do enough to calm anxiety. The Ease application provides an important bridge between the care team and family by sending one-way HIPAA compliant messages, photos, and videos. It integrates into workflow, reduces calls, and makes it easy for loved ones to provide feedback.

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See how the Ease app works

One-Way Texts,
Pictures, and Videos

Keep loved ones
informed and help
reduce anxiety
with secure,

Group Video

Support care
decisions with
communication when
patients and families
can’t be together


Easily measure
patient and family
satisfaction and
enable families to
send positive
feedback to nurses

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Case Study

Improving Communication from the Operating Room

Enhancing the Family Experience

Orlando Health’s usage of the Ease application resulted in a 98% reduced anxiety rate for patients and their families in the waiting room. Surveys of patient families show improvements in patient experience, while nurses surveyed preferred the app over a phone call to families.

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Doctors explain in way
you understand


Physician addresses my
questions or worries


Likelihood of
recommending hospital

Press Ganey Score Highlights

Orlando Health increased HCAHPS 6% on average for adult surgical patients who experienced Ease vs. those who did not.
Texas Children’s Hospital Perioperative Services team found that “information provided the day of surgery” increased from 87.5% to 96.7% between January to September 2016 [as reported on the Press Ganey Survey].

Communicate Securely

Vocera Ease is built from the ground up to support secure communication. Easily update a patient’s loved ones with HIPAA-compliant messages using unlimited multi-lingual templates, photos, videos, and two-way video conferencing. Clinicians can easily update families throughout the emergency department, surgery, ICU, and medical floors:

  • Scan a patient’s medical bracelet to enable sending of a one-way message or initiation of a two-way video conference with families located anywhere in the country.
  • Use two-way video to support care decisions and allow HIPAA-compliant, face-to-face communication when patients and families can’t be together.
  • Messages are encrypted end-to-end, and all updates are removed from the recipient’s device within 60 seconds of being viewed.

Patient Satisfaction Scores Improvement from Use of Ease

  • 0%

    Doctors explain in way
    you understand

  • 0%

    Nurses kept you informed

  • 0%

    Staff addressed emotional needs

  • 0%

    Nurses explain in
    way you understand

  • 0%

    Physician addresses my
    questions or worries

  • 0%

    Staff attitude toward visitors

  • 0%

    Likelihood recommending

  • 0%

    Physician kept you informed

  • 0%

    Staff worked together care for you

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