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Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine

Single source for clinical integrations

The Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine reduces the need for additional middleware by enabling the Vocera Communication Platform to operate as a single source for most clinical integrations, including nurse call and patient monitoring. This solution improves the accuracy and efficiency of care team communication and reduces costs for hospitals.

Our experienced clinical solutions consultants work with clinical and IT leaders at hospitals to design and document predictable, accurate, and consistent clinical workflows.

By integrating clinical systems such as patient monitors, nurse call systems and EHRs with the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine, hospitals can better understand alarm trends per unit and bed, nurse response times, care team workflows, and potential gaps in communication and processes.

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Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine

Clinical Workflow Engine Solution Brief

The Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine enables the Vocera Communication System to operate as a single source for most clinical integrations

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Clinical Workflow Engine Solution Brief

Nurse Call System Integrations

Requests from patients and staff can be sent from the nurse call system directly to the care team member best equipped to respond, improving patient experience and care team efficiency.

Patient Monitoring System Integrations

Critical alarms can be delivered with waveforms and vital signs to help clinicians determine which alarms require immediate intervention.

Electronic Health Record System Integrations

Notifications can be delivered from the EHR to Vocera for a variety of events including new orders, consults requests, test results, ADT activity, and environmental services and transport requests.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Vocera Alarm Analytics provides information about alarm trends and response times, providing the evidence hospitals need to improve their alert and alarm management strategy. The data allows refinement of alarm filtering and escalation to reduce alarm fatigue and improve patient safety.

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Vocera Clinical System Integrations

Vocera integrates with more than 120 clinical systems such as EHRs, nurse call, patient monitoring, patient flow, interactive patient engagement, and real-time location systems to enable critical information exchange, improve operational efficiency and patient experience.

EHR Integration

Extend the power of the EHR by adding real-time communication and coordination capabilities to a variety of clinical workflows.

EHR Two-Way Integration

Learn more about Vocera’s two-way integration with Epic Environmental Services (EVS).

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