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Vocera Badge

Communicate Hands-Free – Wearing PPE

Hospitals are seeking out the Vocera Badge to enable care teams to stay safer and more connected in the COVID-19 crisis. The Badge can be used under PPE to help workers avoid contamination. Less need to don and doff means less PPE waste.
Communicate hands-free
Receive secure text messages
Get prioritized alarm & alert notifications
Broadcast to groups
Initiate and join conference calls
Schedule reminders

See the Vocera Badge in Use

Optimize Patient Throughput & Capacity

Streamline communication with labs, environmental services, transport, and more.
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center improved bed turnover rates 50%.
Major Health Partners increased on-time surgical starts 7.7% on average.

Receive Alert Notifications in Real Time

Allow filtered, prioritized alert notifications to be delivered to the right person at the right time.
Columbia County Health System reduced nurse-call response time by 21.4%
Emerus Hospitals cut lethal-heart-rhythm alert response by three to five minutes.

Reach the Right People Faster

Reach the right person or group instantly without needing to know names, numbers, or who’s on call.
Halifax Health made a 30- to 45-minute communication process almost instant.
Birmingham Children’s Hospital reduced communication to roaming staff from two minutes to nine seconds.

Receive Real-Time Notifications

Allow caregivers to receive filtered, prioritized alert notifications from the electronic health record about test results, patient-status changes, and more. Workers wearing PPE can receive alerts audibly.

Communicate with Groups

Call by name, role, or group to streamline triage and handoff communication. Even while wearing PPE, just press a button and say, “Broadcast Infection Control Team,” or “Call Transport,” or one of over 100 other commands to connect.

Purpose Built for Healthcare

Lightweight: 1.9 oz. (53.9 g)
Lightweight: 1.9 oz. (53.9 g)
Comfortable to wear and always with you.
Voice Control with One-Button Operation
Voice Control with One-Button Operation
Have a conversation hands-free without disruption to patient-care tasks.
Dual-band Wi-Fi and integrated noise reduction
Dual-band Wi-Fi and integrated
noise reduction
High-quality speech recognition even in noisy environments.
Built for use in sterile environments
sterile hospital device b3000
Purpose built devise for healthcare. The Badge is designed for use in sterile hospital environments.
Long battery life
Long battery life
Swappable, high-capacity lithium ion battery lasts a complete shift.
We build privacy and security into everything we do.

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Adrian Plunkett, Paediatric Intensivist Consultant, Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital NHS Trust

The Vocera numbers speak for themselves, and they show this technology can dramatically reduce the time it takes to connect with a colleague and get a response.

Stephanie Carpenter, Chief Nursing Officer at Columbia County Health System

Overall communication has improved tremendously. Call light response times are going down. Patient fall rates are down. We’ve reduced wait times for transfers and improved patient care across the board.