Alarm Management for Patient Safety

Are you ever unsure whether alarm notifications have been received and addressed?
Are some of your nurses disproportionally flooded with alarms?

These are signs that your alarm management middleware is unable to intelligently route alarm notifications.

Clinical Assessment to Help Improve Workflows

A clinical and operational assessment can help you understand how to get control of your alarm management challenges. Our clinical experts can help you identify alarm redundancies and choke points, and improve your communication workflows.

  • Recommendations as unique as your organization
  • Highly-skilled expertise
  • Proven approach

Connect With Us to Learn More About an Assessment

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The Vocera Engage intelligent workflow engine works behind the scenes to boost your alarm management and make it easy for care teams to prioritize and respond to alarm notifications, communicate, and deliver safer patient care.


Strengthen Patient Safety

Learn how intelligent routing of alarm notifications and communications helps care teams to:

  • 1Minimize the spread of infectious disease and improve capacity
  • 2Speed sepsis risk response
  • 3Protect themselves so they can protect patients
  • 4And more...

Engage Solution Brief

Eliminate alarm dead ends with closed-loop alarm management

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