Engage Intelligent Workflow Engine

Enhance patient safety by enabling filtering, routing, escalation, and prioritization of alert and alarm notifications that clinicians and staff receive on their device of choice. The Vocera Engage intelligent workflow engine is the heart of the Vocera Platform’s communication and workflow intelligence that puts patients at the center of care.

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Engage Benefits

As the heart of the Vocera Platform’s communication and workflow intelligence, Engage helps you enhance patient safety by enabling you to:


  • Help reduce clinician interruptions during critical patient care activities and procedures.
  • Easily access context about a patient and event to inform diagnosis and treatment decisions.


  • Get a more complete picture of a patient’s situation faster.
  • Receive patient, event, and care team context along with relevant information like lab values, nurse-call data, sepsis risk indicators, and more.


  • Enable filtering, routing, escalation, and prioritization of communication and alert and alarm notifications.
  • Receive only the communications and notifications you need, and make sure important information reaches the right recipient.

Interoperable with Clinical and Operational Systems

Electronic Health Record Systems

Receive automated alerts from the EHR as well as notifications about new orders, critical lab results, radiology findings, high-risk admissions, sepsis risk alerts, pain assessment reminders, patient consults, room cleaning, and patient transport. Read more about our EHR Integrations

Other Systems

Integrate communications with systems like nurse call, lab, radiology, physiologic monitors, patient surveillance, fall prevention, bed alarms, patient flow, bed management, emergency communications, and building management. Read more about the value of integrating our systems with the Vocera Platform

A Few of Our Integration Partners


Care Team Sync

Solution provides an accurate, reliable source of information about a patient’s current care team, so that team members can easily identify and communicate with one another.

  • Get a unified, real-time view of a patient’s care team that brings together provider data from the EHR/ADT system with shift-based nurse and other staff assignment data. Read more about our staff assignment integration.
  • Reach the right person or group, at the right time, on the right device, instantly; Care Team Sync improves the accuracy of data from Vocera Staff Assignment, a system that integrates with your EHR and Dynamic Master Directory.
  • Read more about the impact of Care Team Sync.

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