Collaboration Suite

Real-Time Situational Awareness and Integrated Data, Voice, and Secure Text

With real-time situational awareness, there’s no delay in patient safety. And Vocera Collaboration Suite delivers it. You can recognize and respond to a change in a patient’s status and collaborate with the entire care team quickly. View waveforms and vital signs from anywhere. Send and receive messages tagged with patient data and care team information. And seamlessly access calling and secure texting from within mobile EHR apps.

Deliver Secure Information

Care Team Collaboration

Key Features

Collaborate in real-time: Exchange communication containing actionable, patient-related data including demographics, lab results, waveforms, vital signs, care team information, and more.
Reduce alarm fatigue and strengthen patient safety: Built-in workflow intelligence prioritizes alarms and notifications based on protocols set by your team.
Speed response time: Remotely review patient waveforms and vital signs, reducing the need to travel to patient locations.
Accurately identify patients: Texts and alarm notifications include three patient identifiers, provided securely.

Collaboration Suite
Mobile App

The Risk & Cost of HIPAA Violations

Clinical personnel often rely on unsecure SMS or commercial non-HIPAA compliant messaging applications on their personal smartphones to gaps in communication. This increases the risk of exposure to heavy penalties for PHI and HIPAA violations.

of employees lacking the awareness to stop preventable cybersecurity incidents1

The average global cost of a data breach per record in healthcare2

HIPAA violations can range from $100 to $1.5

million depending on the severity of the offense3

HIPAA-Compliant Communication

Understand why you need a strategy that ensures HIPAA-compliant communications.

Source: 1. MediaPro, 2. Poneman Institute, 3. American Medical Association

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