Physician Workflow

Enhance physicians’ mobility and simplify the work at the point of care through effective, reliable communication and clinical workflows by integrating EHR mobile apps with Vocera Edge. Manage schedules, personal availability status, privacy, and how you are contacted. Easily locate and communicate with the nurse and team members supporting your patients, saving time with each connection.

Manage Schedules

Easily communicate with the right on-call provider and ensure coverage.

Save Time with Each Connection

Easily locate and communicate with the nurse responsible for your patients.

Message with People Outside the Hospital

Use SMS to page patients, families, and outside providers with a templated message.

Protect Privacy

Protect physician privacy with custom caller ID, privacy dialing, and ability to hide contact info.

Unified Workflow and Communication for Physicians

Vocera Edge Complements Epic Haiku

Communicate and collaborate seamlessly with Vocera Edge through single sign-on, deep linking with Epic’s mobile apps, and integrations with Epic’s Treatment Team.

Vocera Edge

Performed in Vocera Edge

  • Privacy dialing
  • SMS paging of affiliated physicians
  • Directory access and number masking
  • On-call schedule visibility
  • Broadcast
  • Messaging
  • Orders
  • Treatment
  • Critical Results
  • Notification
  • Additional
    Care Team
  • Paging &
Communicate and collaborate seamlessly on a single device with Vocera Edge.

Performed in Epic Haiku

  • Secure messaging
  • Epic-generated notifications
  • Orders workflow and documentation
  • Treatment team assignments

Parkview Medical Center improved HCAHPS score


in the “Communication About Medicines” category with help from Vocera Edge

“Leveraging mobility to allow healthcare professionals to spend less time trying to collaborate with each other and more time providing patient care improves patient safety and the healthcare experience for everyone.”
Steve Shirley
VP of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Parkview Health System

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