Integration Partners

Interface with the Majority of Clinical and Operational Systems Used in Hospitals Today

Get more value from your hospital’s clinical and operational systems and your Vocera deployment through the Vocera Platform’s integration with a range of industry-leading clinical systems.

Vocera partners with more than 150 solution providers to ensure the right information is delivered to the right care team members at the right time, on their device of choice. Learn more

Contact Center/Operator Console

Vocera can act as an extension of your operator console system, delivering calls and messages to Vocera users on their device of choice.

Electronic Health Records

EHR integration enables breakthrough workflow enhancements through the delivery of notifications for new orders, critical lab results, radiology findings, high-risk admissions, pain assessment reminders, patient consults, room cleaning and patient transport requests. The EHR can trigger automated alerts to team members on their device of choice based on pre-defined best practices for operational and clinical process optimization. Hospitals can also link their mobile EHR and Vocera apps to streamline communication, and synchronize EHR Assignment data with Vocera Staff Assignment to ensure alerts and alarms reach the right person at the right time. Learn more

  • Allscripts
  • Cerner

Lab and Radiology

Caregivers can receive automatic, timely notifications for selected new orders and results, which can reduce unproductive EHR logins, close gaps in care, and support compliance with Joint Commission timelines. Detailed audit trails and closed loop updates back to the lab and radiology information systems provide transparency and support process improvement efforts.

  • Cerner

Emergency Communications and Building Management

Linking emergency and building management systems to Vocera enables key communications to be sent to staff on their wearable and smartphone devices, improving the comfort, safety and security of healthcare facilities.

Interactive Patient Engagement

Integration between Vocera and patient experience systems can positively impact HCAHPS scores by allowing care providers to respond more quickly and implement service recovery measures during the patient's stay. Vocera can also provide staff assignment and discharge-related order information to patient-facing systems. Learn more

Middleware and Event Notification

In addition to Vocera’s own clinical alarm management and event response solution, our communication software is compatible with several third party middleware systems.  Learn more

  • Cerner

Nurse Call

Nurse call systems provide a critical communication link from patients to caregivers – a link that becomes even more important as hospitals build larger units with more private rooms which can limit line-of-sight visibility. By integrating nurse call systems with Vocera, patient and staff requests are routed directly to the most appropriate member of the care team, and follow automated escalation paths to ensure requests are handled quickly and efficiently. This supports enhanced patient and caregiver experience. Learn More

  • Executone
  • Hills Health Solutions
  • Jeron
  • UniqHealth
  • Xacom

Patient Flow and Bed Management

Patient flow bottlenecks can have a profound impact on a hospital's quality of care, patient satisfaction, and financial performance. Integration with Vocera helps to improve patient flow by delivering environmental services and transport requests directly to the right team members, and enabling closed-loop status updates. Learn more

  • Allscripts
  • medworxx
  • Tele Tracking

Patient Surveillance, Fall Prevention and Bed Alarms

Advance warnings about patient deterioration, sepsis detection and potential patient falls enable care teams to intervene quickly and proactively mobilize resources to prevent patient harm, reduce mortality and achieve important value based performance improvements. Learn more

  • Patientrack
  • PeraHealth
  • Posey

Physiologic Monitors and Medical Devices

Integration with market-leading physiologic monitoring systems and medical devices helps to streamline clinical workflows, ensure patient safety, reduce interruption fatigue and improve clinician satisfaction by delivering the right alarms to Vocera users when and where they need them. In addition to basic alarm information, Vocera can also deliver contextual evidence such as waveforms and vital signs, empowering caregivers to quickly prioritize and respond to critical alarms. Learn More

  • Fresenius
  • Hamilton Medical
  • Maquet
  • Medtronic
  • NxStage

RTLS & Location Services

The integration of RTLS with Vocera provides instant alerts about the location and status of patients, healthcare workers, and equipment. Mobile access to this information via a Vocera-enabled device improves patient and staff safety and care team efficiency. In addition, presence and location data from RTLS systems can be utilized to intelligently route alerts and alarms to the most appropriate caregivers, reducing interruption fatigue. Learn more

  • Accutech
  • RFT
  • Shipcom

Staff Assignment and On-Call Scheduling

Effective communication and collaboration requires accurate, up-to-date information about the team members currently caring for your patients. By integrating staff and treatment team information from EHR, and nurse call, and on-call physician scheduling systems with the Vocera master directory, you can reduce the number of times staff assignments need to be entered, decrease assignment errors, and ensure the right people receive calls, secure text messages and alerts and alarms.

  • Allscripts
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