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Vocera Solutions for COVID-19 Workflow Communication

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At Vocera, we are committed to supporting care teams at the front lines with the tools and services they need to streamline care coordination during the anticipated patient surges.

Equip your teams to improve bed access, capacity, and operational efficiency by enabling real-time communication with the patient, event, and care team context inside and outside the hospital. The Vocera Badge and Smartbadge can be used under personal protective equipment for hands-free communication without disrupting workflow.

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Improve bed access, capacity, and patient and staff safety by enabling hands-free, voice-controlled communication in real time, even while wearing the most restrictive personal protective equipment.

1Streamline and accelerate communication
2Improve bed access, throughput, and capacity
3Improve receipt of alert notifications
4Facilitate Patient and Family Communication
5Offload the Burden of Managing and Tracking Details
6Support Staff Well-Being

See the Smartbadge in Action

Optimize Patient and Staff Safety

Quickly determine what to prioritize next and close the loop faster with secure messaging, phone calls, and alert and alarm notifications all in one place. Locate people and collaborate productively, using the device that fits your workflow.
Allow meaningful, actionable information to safely flow between people and systems and be received when, where, and how it’s needed, to keep the patient at the center of care.



Topic: COVID-19: Protecting Staff, Protecting Patients

"Caregivers shouldn’t risk contamination for communication..."

By: Ben Kanter, MD, FCCP, CMIO Vocera


Hospitals using hands-free devices to communicate

Hardin Memorial Hospital in the News

Health Care Technology Leadership in the Midst of COVID-19

Deanna Parker, MBA, MHA, BSN, RN, Assistant Vice President of Emergency Services at Hardin Memorial Health

Right now, in the midst of a little bit of extra tension and stress, with processes changing practically daily, isolation materials in place, and personal protective equipment on, we are still able to communicate in real time.


Communication Workflows in
Pop-Up Bed Locations: We Can Help

“A few weeks ago, one of our customers realized they needed to redesign their emergency department patient flow...”

By: Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN,
Chief Nursing Officer

Caring Greatly PODCAST

Protecting Clinicians' Humanity During COVID-19

Featuring: M. Bridget Duffy, MD,
Chief Medical Officer


COVID-19: 6 Simple Tactics for Safer, More Efficient Communication

“We've organized a Vocera COVID-19 Response Task Force to define simple configurations of our technology that customers can use...”

By: Josh Mahler, Vice President,
Professional Services

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View webinar: March 2020 Healthcare Providers and Covid-19:

Resources CIOs Can Use Right Now

The March 2020 Gartner Technologies Supporting CDC COVID-19 Patient Intake Guidelines for Healthcare Providers provides, “support use of clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) tools and other communication systems plus Crisis and Emergency and management systems (CEMS) to communicate live status to leadership.”

Extending hospital operations to parking lots or other reserves without risking gaps in care
Moving patients through the hospital safely and quickly
Preventing staff exposure to contagion though hands-free communication devices worn beneath PPE
Care Team Collaboration and Communication
Technology Building Blocks
CDC Guidance

To all the healthcare providers helping with this pandemic, you are heroes and inspirations to us all

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Amid complexity and chaos, a trauma nurse misses a vital piece of information and a major mistake is set in motion.

Communicate hands-free while wearing personal protective equipment.

You can now say "Hey Vocera" or "Ok Vocera" to wake up your Smartbadge.

Push the dedicated panic button to reach help instantly.

Don't risk contamination for communication.

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