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Seamless Communication. Effortless Collaboration. High Quality Care.

For healthcare environments requiring mission-critical communication, Vocera empowers care teams by instantly connecting them to the people and information they need. Unlike other technology vendors, Vocera offers a single enterprise-grade communication platform that delivers integrated, intelligent communication solutions that adapt to the context of dynamic, mobile situations. More than 1000 hospitals and healthcare systems in the U.S. and around the world rely on Vocera to help save steps, save time, and save lives.

Evaluating the Impact of Poor Communication

Healthcare institutions understand the impact of communication breakdowns including loss of revenue, productivity, patient safety and satisfaction, and even loss of life.

Consider these statistics regarding communication in hospitals:

69% of accidental deaths and serious injuries in hospitals are linked to communication failures.1

• $12 billion is wasted annually in U.S. hospitals as a result of communication inefficiencies.2

• Effective communication delivers higher HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores, which affect reimbursement rates.3

• 92% of physicians use unsecure SMS for patient care, risking HIPAA violations, data breaches, and fines of up to 1.5 million per year.4

• Communication problems were a contributing factor in 7,149 cases (30 percent) of 23,000 medical malpractice claims filed between 2009 and 2013.

Restoring the Human Connection to Care

Too often, nurses spend valuable time tracking down supplies, medications, or other care team members, filling out paperwork, and searching for test results. In fact, studies have shown nurses may spend less than two hours of a 12-hour shift on direct patient care. Yet, when nurses spend more time at the bedside, studies show that patients are less likely to fall or suffer from infections or other adverse outcomes. Additionally, medication errors decrease with nurses on hand and patients report being more satisfied with their care, a critical concern as reimbursement continues to move toward a more value-based payment model.

The Vocera® Communication Platform enables nurses and doctors to spend more time at the patient bedside by instantly connecting them to the right information or right person without disrupting the delivery of care, helping to restore the human connection.

With over 600,000 end users, Vocera is the trusted provider in healthcare where communication must be secure, highly coordinated, and synchronized. A leading provider of mobile communication solutions, Vocera has been recognized by industry and government agencies as a provider of choice to meet current and future communications needs. A secure enterprise-grade platform, Vocera is the only mobile healthcare communication company to have successfully completed Department of Defense Authority to Operate (ATO) and Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 audits.

Hospitals and health systems use Vocera to improve patient care, safety, and satisfaction. In-house clinical expertise drives our solutions and support offerings. Evidence based case studies from customers demonstrate both quantitative and qualitative benefits of Vocera solutions including:

• 11% reduction in falls and a 60% reduction in fall-related injuries resulting in an estimated annual savings of $1.27M

• 15% reduction in readmission rates

• 60%+ improvement in HCAHPS scores

• 5% improvement in operating room cycle time, with incremental revenue capacity of approximately $2M/year

• 5.6% reduction in total labor expense

• Reduced steps by 37% (about 1 mile/person/shift)

• Significantly improved care team satisfaction across all areas measured

• 95% elimination of overhead paging resulting in quieter healing environments

• 93% faster response times by reducing telemetry alarm communication loop closure times

Secure, Fully Integrated, and Scalable

Vocera enables clinicians, patients, and staff to reach the right person, at the right time, on the right device, with the right information, in the right place. Vocera provides a secure and integrated communication platform that enables care teams — both inside and outside the hospital — to deliver quality care across the patient journey.

The Vocera Communication Platform enables intelligent, role-based workflows; integrations with key clinical systems; and secure, reliable connectivity. Vocera is built to scale, providing the control hospitals and health systems need today and the ability to layer on new solutions to support long-term plans.

Vocera seamlessly integrates with a wide range of industry-leading clinical systems, improving care team efficiency and patient satisfaction. Leveraging the intelligence of the Vocera Communication Platform, important notifications, alerts, and alarms can be delivered to the right care team members at the right time, on their device of choice.

In hospitals worldwide, Vocera has integrated with: electronic health records, nurse call, physiologic monitoring, patient flow, real time location systems (RTLS), patient wandering, fall prevention, interactive patient engagement, security and emergency communications, and many other systems.

Solutions and Services Vocera Delivers

Vocera Communication System

Our integrated, intelligent system enables users to connect instantly with each other simply by saying the name, function, or group of the desired recipient, and securely delivers text messages and alerts directly to and from their device of choice including the hands-free, wearable Vocera Communication Badge, the Zebra MC40-HC smartphone, and a variety of other smartphones.

Vocera Software Platform

Our proprietary Vocera software platform provides system intelligence, including user profiles, groups, call management, and call connections, as well as the ability to interface to existing telephony, alarm, and alert systems to expedite communication of critical data.

Vocera Communication Badge

This unique, wearable, hands-free, voice-controlled device enables instant two-way or one-to-many conversations using intuitive and simple commands.

Vocera Collaboration Suite

Instantly connecting care teams inside or outside of the hospital, Vocera Collaboration Suite creates a seamless user experience, combining the unique calling, texting, alerting, and content distribution capabilities of Vocera into one, secure, easy-to-use smartphone application.

Vocera Secure Texting

Integrating seamlessly with the Vocera Communication Platform, Vocera Secure Texting is a secure enterprise messaging solution that provides smartphone users the capability for robust, reliable, HIPAA-compliant delivery of text messages and calling capabilities.

Vocera Integrations

Hospitals can leverage their investments and amplify the benefits of their Vocera deployment through platform integration with a more than 70 industry-leading clinical systems.

Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine

With the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine, hospitals reduces the need for additional middleware by enabling the Vocera Communication Platform to operate as a single source for clinical integrations for select nurse call and physiologic monitoring systems, enabling health systems to improve patient outcomes, reduce alarm fatigue, and increase staff efficiency

Vocera Rounds

The Vocera Rounds solutions measures and manages patient experience throughout a hospital stay by facilitating bed-side rounding with real-time communication between patients and care teams, automated alerts, and data analytics that help hospital leaders identify gaps in care as well as top performers. Hospital leaders also use the mobile solution for staff rounds to meet employees where they work, capture their voice, discuss processes, and identify teaching opportunities.

Services & Support

Our customer-centric strategy is the foundation of our services and support capabilities which help optimize the Vocera experience and performance.

Vocera Solutions Support

We offer 24/7 customer and technical support teams with specific expertise in Vocera solutions, VOIP, telephony, integration, wireless and wired networks, and client devices.

Vocera Professional Services

Vocera’s combined experience ensures a smooth system deployment. We offer workflow analysis and consulting; implementation and deployment expertise; and third-party application integration support to enhance the usability and performance of the Vocera solution.

Clinical Assessment

Vocera’s team of Clinical Executives provides an in depth clinical discovery process that clearly identifies communication challenges and presents a strategy to provide an efficient communications platform that aligns with the organizational goals of the health system.

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