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Deliver an Exceptional Patient Experience and Foster Trusted Relationships Across the Care Continuum

Engage Patients, Improve Outcomes

Vocera Care Experience makes it easy to facilitate effective communication and engagement with patients across the continuum of care, helping to improve care quality, patient safety, and patient perception, as well as staff engagement.

Vocera Care Experience is a comprehensive suite of software solutions including Pre-Arrival, Rounds, Good to Go®, and Care Calls. The Business Intelligence solution provides information that can help reveal gaps and prioritize where improvements are needed to elevate patient satisfaction and reinforce treatment goals.

Integration of Vocera Care Experience with the Vocera Platform helps capture patient feedback in real time, accelerate service recovery, and promote staff satisfaction by celebrating caregivers who have demonstrated excellence.


Every canceled procedure, on average, costs a hospital approximately $2,100 in wasted setup time.

Patients and family members receive automatic notifications prior to admittance that shares critical information such as preparation steps, dietary restrictions, drug interactions, checklists, logistical information, and other reminders.

• Patients and family members can access educational materials around the clock prior to scheduled procedures.
• Health system staff can monitor patient engagement and comprehension to help the pre-admission team gauge preparedness.
• The software provides an at-a-glance view to the pre-admission team if the patient is at risk for cancellation and captures and analyzes cancellation rates and causes.


The practice of leadership rounding results in significantly higher “top box scores” across every HCAHPS domain.

Capture and respond to patient feedback instantly from your iPad.

• Staff can address patient needs in a timely manner by automatically sending service requests in real-time.
• Leaders can track a patient’s experience from prior units and from other facilities in your health system, and track trends in patients’ perception of care to identify opportunities for staff recognition.
• Rounds can be tailored depending on need, to support a number of round types including patient, nurse leader, executive, environmental, and staff satisfaction.

Good to Go

Patients who understand their post-hospital care instructions are 30% less likely to be readmitted to the hospital.

Improve the patient’s understanding of their care plan, enhance the patient’s experience while in the hospital, and lessen the likelihood of readmission.

• The Nurse Leader can record live instructions and teach-back sessions at the patient’s bedside and make them available for patients, family members, and caregivers to access anytime during and after the patient’s stay. The ability to reference these recordings after discharge can improve understanding of the care plan. For example, nurses can record a range of helpful content such as a video of a complex wound dressing change or audio recording of discharge instructions. Any care team member can use Good to Go. The surgeon may record advice on which post-surgery symptoms merit a call to the physician’s
office or the dietitian provides a verbal description of specialized dietary restrictions with compliant meal suggestions.
• Staff can securely capture and send pictures, videos, and education materials over a platform designed to help you meet HIPAA requirements. Staff can also send appointment reminders, tasks, and care messages.
• The software monitors patients retrieving and engaging with instructions, enabling the care team to determine patient engagement and offer support to help improve care compliance.

Care Calls

Following up with patients by phone within 48 to 72 hours after hospital discharge improves patient satisfaction and helps reduce readmissions.

Monitor patient and family understanding of and compliance with the care plan using best-practice checklists and call scripts.

• Staff can streamline patient follow-up calls and manage caregiver workflows to avoid redundancies in patient outreach.
• Leaders can manage patient risk stratification and patient satisfaction information to inform proactive interventions.
• Post-discharge callers using Care Calls can inform their outreach by referencing comments in the Vocera Care Experience solutions, Rounds and Good to Go.

Business Intelligence

This software solution enables longitudinal analysis of a patient’s experience throughout a service period, from prior stays, and across different facilities within a system.

• Health systems can identify gaps and improve outcomes in managing the experience and quality of care per patient, by department, enterprise-wide, and across the care continuum through multi-dimensional analytics including real-time data analysis and trends.
• Clinical Leaders can activate evidence-based solutions by reviewing dashboards for activity within the Vocera Care Experience solutions, Pre-Arrival, Rounds, Good to Go, and Care Calls.
• Staff can drill down to patient-level details to analyze and better understand the root causes of readmissions, patient dissatisfaction, and lost revenue.
• Staff can schedule customized reports to be sent to key stakeholders. This software solution enables longitudinal analysis of a patient’s experience throughout a service period, from prior stays, and across different facilities within a system.

Seamless Integration with Vocera Collaboration Suite and the Vocera Badge

Vocera Care Experience integrates with the Vocera Platform, the Vocera Collaboration Suite mobile application, and the Vocera Badge, to power real-time service recovery. Easily capture patient requests and immediately send request notifications to the right care team members at the right time. The closed-loop system allows monitoring of request-fulfillment status. Request records are retained in the patient file to support follow up at the next interaction.

Customer Success Services for the Life of Your Solution

Vocera Care Experience comes with our Customer Success Services for the life of your solution. These services are provided by a team with deep expertise in patient experience, clinical and technical expertise, and years of experience to help you optimize your investment in Care Experience software and realize long-term value. A Care Experience expert works with you to establish a strategic and operational plan for managing the overall patient experience. This strategic and operational plan focuses on enabling you to strengthen patient and staff satisfaction, increase on-time procedure start times, and follow patients’ post-discharge engagement. Customer Success Services support the entire program by developing project plans, performing day-to-day project management, and sharing of recommendations, best practices and performance scorecards for ongoing account management.


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