The Future of Caring

Transforming the Delivery of Care

Nowhere are the opportunities for technology to transform an industry greater than in healthcare.

Consider the nurse who enters his patient’s room following surgery to find her in pain and needing medication. He calls the on-call physician and leaves a message, then tends to another patient. The doctor calls back while
the nurse is unavailable. The nurse returns the doctor’s call, and the process starts over.

Anyone working in a hospital recognizes this common scenario. The nurse and physician become frustrated and the patient is left waiting for pain relief far too long. An opportunity to deliver immediate care is lost because of workflow inefficiency.

Now let’s imagine a different scenario, one in which healthcare organizations employ clinical communication and collaboration technologies to deliver a new level of care.

Here, our healthcare communications and workflow tools offer immediate moments of connection. They seamlessly link to critical medical information at just the right time, and allow doctors and nurses to collaborate easily on every level of care. Patients have better outcomes and are more satisfied. Care providers are happier in their work. Hospitals operate more efficiently, and are rewarded with cost savings and increased patient satisfaction scores.

At Vocera, we understand how to deliver these transformational benefits. We offer powerful workflow and communications solutions that enable seamless interoperability and optimize vital moments of connection. We deliver true across-the-board efficiencies and enable excellent care experiences.

Vocera has already guided roughly 1,400 healthcare facilities toward adopting nimble communications tools and solutions that immediately connect clinicians to each other and to patients. The results are transformative, including dramatic returns on investment, increased patient safety and satisfaction, and better operational efficiency.

Get More Value from Clinical Systems with the Platform Advantage

The heart of a Vocera solution is a software platform which is an operating environment for a set of systems, software, and communication devices. These include:

Alarm and alert management system with event response. Our alarm and alert management system integrates with many leading physiologic monitoring systems and other clinical systems. The system enables prioritization and filtering of patient event notifications and sends only actionable notifications, accompanied by relevant patient, caregiver, and event context. Context helps to establish situational awareness for care team members and patient-centric texting facilitates closed-loop communication.

Communication devices built for healthcare. For clinicians who need to free their hands and attention to focus on caring for patients, we offer a wearable, lightweight communication device. We also offer the
Zebra MC40-HC smartphone, which is rugged and multifunctional and has an intuitive AndroidTM operating system.

Communication software. Enable voice calling and HIPAA-compliant secure texting inside and outside the hospital. Our software puts the power of clinical system interoperability, automatic call and text routing, and contextual alarms at your fingertips. It runs on the Vocera® Communication Badge, Android smartphones, iPhone®, iPad®, VoIP devices, and web consoles.

Patient experience software. Rounding software streamlines patient rounding, making it easier for nurse leaders to address patient needs by instantly sending alerts from a tablet or iPad to the right person.

Staff assignment system. See staff shift changes and availability in real time. Our staff assignment system integrates with your EHR and a dynamic master directory of staff and patients that updates continuously with presence and location information. There’s no need to know names or numbers; the software system routes calls, texts, alerts, and alarms by name, role, or group, with automatic escalation paths.

System interoperability. Our solution interfaces with the majority of clinical and operational systems used in hospitals today – more than 120 in all. It allows data to be unified from multiple sources at one time, including EHRs, clinical and operational systems, and medical devices.

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