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Higher Quality Audio and Better Voice Recognition

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Delivering a secure, integrated, and intelligent communication solution for customers, the Vocera® B3000n Communication Badge builds upon the success of the B3000 Communication Badge and is a key component of the Vocera Communication System created to deliver a secure, integrated, and intelligent communication for our customers. The Vocera Badge has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of highly mobile workers who need to stay connected while keeping their hands free to perform their regular job duties. Utilizing an enterprise class Wi-Fi network, the Vocera Badge delivers hands-free, real-time voice communication between customers whenever needed.

The wearable Vocera Badge weighs less than two ounces, allowing users to keep their hands free without the burden of carrying a smartphone. With a highly durable design, the Vocera Badge is built to withstand the rigors of challenging environments. Acoustic tuning through the use of four microphones and advanced noise reduction technology greatly improves the hands-free audio experience to users while providing greater accuracy for voice recognition.


• The dual-band radio permits the B3000n to utilize both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum. 5GHz is less susceptible to noise and interference from other radio devices, leading to higher voice quality and better voice recognition.
• The B3000n contains an illuminated Halo around the call button; this Halo provides
a visual indication of the Badge call status. It glows green when on an active call, and pulses amber when on Do Not Disturb or on hold. The illuminated Halo can also be used to indicate when text messages are waiting to be read.
• A large front facing speaker provides hands-free audio in order to clearly hear the conversation without having to hold the Vocera Badge in the hand.
• Four microphone design and integrated Acoustic Noise Reduction (ANR) reduce background conversations and noise interference to improve speech recognition
in noisy environments.
• Multi-user operation (shared device) permits a Vocera Badge to be passed to another user at the end of a shift, allowing the new user to log into the Vocera system from the Vocera Badge and immediately begin using it.

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