Integration with Clinical Systems

Integrate with More Than 140 Clinical Systems

The real value of integration is not just about being able to send information from medical devices or the EHR to the smartphone. It’s about being able to send the exact information the receiver needs, with clinical context, when and where it’s needed. The Vocera Platform provides this value, integrating with the majority of EHRs and clinical and operational systems used in hospitals today to deliver patient care. Here’s a snapshot of value we’ve delivered:

  • Sepsis Risk: Care teams at Halifax Health receive an alert within 30 seconds when the hospital’s care advisory system detects sepsis risk, through integration of the Vocera platform with the electronic health record.
  • Nurse Call:  Evans Army Community Hospital improved inpatient satisfaction 20 percent and reduced patient falls 88 percent over 10 months by integrating the Vocera Platform with alarm and alert systems and nurse call systems. The hospital expects returns of more than $150,000 per quarter.
  • Fall Risk: The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences reduced falls by 11 percent and fall-related injuries by 60 percent in its first year of sending bed exit notifications to care team members on their mobile devices, resulting in $1.27 million in savings.
  • Interruption Fatigue: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital reduced secondary alarms 54 percent within 30 days after integrating its real-time location system with Vocera alarm and alert management capabilities. Reports of alarm fatigue from NICU nurses dropped by 57 percent.
Vocera Clinical System Integrations

Vocera clinical integrations extend the value of existing hospital systems to improve operational efficiency and patient experience.


Vocera Integration Solution Brief

Vocera clinical integrations improve clinical staff response times and increase HCAHPS scores.

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Vocera Integration Solution Brief

EHR Integrations

Including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, McKesson, MEDITECH

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Instead of care team members logging into the EHR 80 to 100 times per shift to check for updates and notifications for time-sensitive events like STAT orders or lab results, Vocera intelligently routes that information in real-time to the on-duty care team member on their device of choice, improving staff efficiency and patient care.

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Nurse Call Integrations

Including Ascom, Critical Alert Systems, Hill-Rom, Rauland, WestCom

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Patient and staff requests are sent directly to the care team member best equipped to respond via their Vocera Badge or smartphone, improving clinical response time and patient satisfaction. In addition, the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine integrates with nurse call systems to improve the accuracy and escalation of communication without the need for third-party middleware.

Improve patient and nurse communication by integrating Vocera with Nurse Call Systems...

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In order to ensure patient’s needs were met in the most expedient manner, Nothern...

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Patient Monitoring Integrations

Including Draeger, GE, Philips, Mindray

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Nurses and other care team members no longer need to decipher which alarms require immediate attention from the hundreds or thousands of alarms received per shift. Specific alarms can be sent directly to the on-duty nurse on the Vocera system, improving patient safety and reducing alarm fatigue. Vocera Alarm Management integrated through the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine provides contextual information and prioritizes alarms so that care team members can identify urgent alerts and alarms faster.

Send alerts and alarms directly to the on-duty nurse, improving patient safety and experience.

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In combination with other products, Vocera helped UAMS create a fall prevention system...

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At Emerus facilities, everyone uses the Vocera Communication System, including ED...

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Patient Flow Integrations

Including Epic Environmental Services, McKesson Performance Visibility, Medworxx, TeleTracking

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Instead of making multiple phone calls to coordinate patient admissions, transfers and discharges, alerts are sent directly to the appropriate team members on their Vocera device, improving patient flow and reducing length of stay. Event status can also be updated in the patient flow system directly from the Vocera Badge or the Vocera Collaboration Suite application.

Integrating Vocera with TeleTracking systems that manage room availability and patient...

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STEGH integrated Vocera with the Medworxx Bed Optimization System to reduce room turn...

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