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You’ve transformed care, safety, and the healthcare experience for patients, families, and frontline workers. Now it’s time for your great work to get the attention and accolades it deserves.

By participating in our Customer Advocacy Program, you will have the opportunity to promote your team’s achievements in a variety of ways that can increase awareness and market differentiation for your organization. Plus, sharing best practices with your peers helps improve healthcare for everyone.

Benefits of Being an Advocate

Position yourself as a thought leader in the industry
Network with other leaders in your industry
Promote your organization and increase visibility
Strengthen your relationship with Vocera to inform next-gen solutions
Gain recognition for your organization and your professional achievements

The Vocera Customer Advocacy Program offers the opportunity to amplify your unique story, highlighting your accomplishments as a model for industry excellence.

We can illustrate how your organization embraces the latest technology to improve the safety and well-being of patients, families, and care teams.

As a result, you can leverage for a competitive edge, increase patient and employee loyalty, and attract additional high caliber employees while bolstering a culture of caring and innovation.

Interested in Being an Advocate?

To learn more about this program, please complete the form below, and a member of our customer advocacy team will reach out to you with more details. Thank you!

“Our trusted relationship with Vocera has helped amplify our human-centered engagement journey and elevated our reputation as a thought leader.”
– Sue Murphy, RN, BSN, MS,
Chief Experience Officer at UChicago Medicine –