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Maximize Efficiency with EHR Integration

See how EHR data, such as stat orders and alerts, can be securely sent to the right person on the right device.

Increasing A&E Efficiency

In an emergency, gaps in communication can mean life or death. Vocera empowers care team members and staff inside and outside the A&E department to connect with each other instantly, improving collaboration, efficiency and patient flow, and ultimately helping to save lives.

Improve communication

Increase Operating Theatre Efficiency, Turnover

In the operating theatre, delays caused by inefficient communication can be costly. Vocera is used in many hospitals to help improve care team collaboration, reduce operating theatre turnover time, and increase on-time surgery starts.

Improve clinical response

Secure Data and Protect Patient Privacy

From ensuring data integrity to preventing internal staff from mishandling data, network security demands enterprise-grade, secure communication software and hardware to keep protected health information (PHI) safe.

Secure Data and Protect Patient Privacy

Prioritise and Respond to Critical Alerts and Alarms

Vocera enables care teams to assign, prioritise, and respond to certain alarms and alerts. This intelligent workflow capability directs critical and non-urgent alerts with contextual data to the right care team member, saving valuable time, and reducing alarm fatigue.


Optimise Patient Placement and Bed Use

Efficient communication between nurses and hospital transport employees increases patient flow, which improves operational performance, patient experience, and employee satisfaction.

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Birmingham Children’s Hospital Saves Time with Vocera

We spend a lot of our time in intensive care having conversations that are very crucial to patient outcomes. If there are obstacles to those conversations – communications delays, colleagues we can’t locate – it makes it harder to do our jobs. Vocera removes those obstacles. It definitely makes our lives easier.

Dr. Adrian Plunkett, Consultant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

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