Improve Patient Safety

Improve Communication and Reduce Medical Errors

About 80% of medical errors result from miscommunication between caregivers1, highlighting the importance of efficient care team collaboration. The Vocera Communication Platform connects staff members effortlessly and securely at the right time with the right information improving communication, response times, and patient safety. Learn how Vocera can help care teams connect easier and faster.

1The Joint Commission

Integrated Communication is Essential to Improve Care

Integrating Vocera with Nurse Call Systems enables direct communication between patients and their assigned care team, improving patient safety, experience, and care team satisfaction.

Communication challenges
Communication Challenges in Healthcare

Vocera CEO Brent D. Lang highlights research findings that 80% of medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers in hospitals.

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Learn How Efficient Workflows Elevate Patient Care

At Emerus facilities, Vocera is integrated with the telemetry system and has effectively replaced overhead paging – resulting in faster response times, a higher level of patient safety, and a better patient experience.

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