Personalized, Instant Communication

Vocera empowers hotel staff by instantly connecting them to people and information they need. Vocera delivers integrated, intelligent solutions that adapt to dynamic situations, delivering distinctive guest experiences which result in higher guest satisfaction scores and #1 Trip Advisor rankings.


Features of Vocera for Hospitality

  • Name and Group-Based Calling: With Vocera, staff can call a role, group, or staff member, without needing to know a phone number or location, enabling staff to reach the right person and address guest needs quickly and more efficiently.
  • Device of Choice: Vocera is the only platform that allows hotels to select their preferred device, whether an iOS or Android device, or the wearable, hands-free Vocera Badge.
  • Discreet, Wearable, and Hands-Free: The Vocera Badge is discreet enough to blend in with the sophistication of a luxury hotel while enabling employees to communicate without disrupting the task at hand.
  • Easy to Deploy: Vocera provides a turn-key solution for hospitality customers that eliminates  deployment complexity. Solutions can be purchased at an affordable monthly expense with minimal upfront capital investment.
  • Integration to Guest Request Software: Vocera offers seamless integration to solutions such as HotSOS and Guestware to guarantee that guest requests are sent to the right staff member instantly for immediate response, resulting in faster service and  better guest experiences.


Providing Distinctive Guest Experiences with Vocera

Vocera empowers hotel staff by instantly connecting them to the people and information they need using integrated, intelligent communication technology that adapt to the context of dynamic situations. Hotels using Vocera deliver distinctive guest experiences, earn higher guest satisfaction scores, and are consistently ranked #1 in TripAdvisor rankings.

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Increase Guest Satisfaction & Loyalty

Luxury hotels are known for their VIP service and attention to detail, but Vocera helps take guest satisfaction and loyalty to a whole new level. With the Vocera solution, hotel staff can discreetly announce the arrival of guests so that upon entering the reception area, the front desk is able to greet guests by name, have bell staff available to take care of luggage and be on hand to open up doors or order special guest services.

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Improve Staff Performance

Hotels run 24/7 and those with personnel who communicate quickly and efficiently create a more positive experience for guests. Vocera provides the ability to call by role, group or staff member without the need to know a phone number or location, enabling teams to increase their productivity, workflow, and effectiveness.

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