Connect Care Teams, Quickly and Efficiently, Hands-Free

The power to reach staff members instantly with the right information wherever they are located.

Connect in real-time with wearable, hands-free communication purpose-built for veterinary patient care environments. Communicate and collaborate easily to focus on providing compassionate pet care, safely.

Save steps
and time
Communicate safely while wearing PPE Reach help instantly in an emergency


Our facility is large and because I’m not running around looking for people, I can spend time providing the best patient care.
– Michele Tinsley, Hospital Manager and Veterinary Nursing Administrator at VERG

Veterinary Customer Stories

“...I can connect with the right doctor in an instant and my patient’s treatment won’t be delayed.”
– Michelle Urrutia, Emergency and Internal Medicine Technician at VERG

“Finally, a dependable way to get a hold of someone when you really need it!”
– Sheryl Ferguson, Large Animal Manager at University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center

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  • Commicate hands-free
  • Receive secure text messages
  • Get prioritized alarm & alert notifications
  • Broadcast to groups
  • Initiate and join conference calls
  • Schedule reminders

Case Study

Expediting Critical Patients

The Vocera Platform makes it easy for care team members at VERG to communicate critical patient information and summon assistance in an emergency. When critical patients enter VERG, the care team is ready to treat them right away. The receptionist can use his orher Badge to broadcast a notification to the intensive care unit (ICU) team by simply saying, “call ICU team.” All members of the ICU team are then notified of the incoming patient and obtain case details from the receptionist, so they can prepare the patient’s room and be equipped with the appropriate supplies.

The receptionist can also assess patients and provide additional details to the response team. For example, if a patient appears to be nervous or reactive, the receptionist can communicate that information to the appropriate care team using their Badge. The care team can be ready with the necessary equipment at triage. Safeguarding Staff In addition to helping VERG provide the best patient care and experience for clients, Vocera technology helps keep staff safe.

An urgent broadcast made from the Badge can be used to call for help and ensure staff never feel unsafe or uncomfortable in the situation they are in.