Executive Roundtable: Can Innovation Alleviate Clinician Burnout?

Executive Roundtable: Can Innovation Alleviate Clinician Burnout?

Fred Pennic
Date Published

The U.S. Surgeon General’s recent advisory about clinician burnout cited numerous societal, cultural, structural, and organizational causes—including excessive workloads, administrative burden, and lack of organizational support. The potential fallout of this trajectory is alarming: The advisory cites the Association of American Medical Colleges’ estimate on clinician demand outpacing supply, with an anticipated shortage of between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians predicted by 2033.
No one would argue that a crisis is looming for healthcare professionals and their employers. However, the question remains: How can it be solved? We asked 22 healthcare and health sciences leaders for their thoughts; here’s what they said.

Liz Boehm, Learning Community Lead for the CEO Coalition & Executive Strategist at Vocera, now part of Stryker
"I am hopeful the Surgeon General’s Advisory will drive more action to address the nation’s burnout crisis among healthcare workers and slow down the Great Resignation of nurses, doctors and other team members. It was encouraging to see that the advisory highlighted many actions the CEO Coalition outlined in its Heart of Safety Declaration of Principles, to improve the safety, well-being, and equity for all who work in healthcare. To end the crisis of burnout, we must implement processes, policies and technologies that help protect the emotional, psychological and physical well-being of healthcare workers by reducing cognitive burdens, adopting a zero-harm program, restoring human connections, and requiring explicit equity-focused policies and practices to advance diversity, inclusion, and belonging."

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