The Leading Platform for Clinical Communication and Workflow

Patient care happens second by second. That’s why the infrastructure supporting clinical communication needs to be flexible and dynamic.

It must be agile enough to route communications between people and systems when and how they’re needed. And it must bring together voice communication, secure messaging, and alarm notifications in a holistic way.

The Vocera Platform provides such an infrastructure. It’s the intelligent ecosystem that connects all the people and information needed to deliver patient care.

See How the Platform Works

  • Minimise interruption fatigue: The Engage intelligent workflow engine allows communications and alarm notifications with relevant context to be routed, escalated, and prioritised.
  • Communicate easily: The voice-driven experience allows users to communicate by name, role, or group.

See How the Clinical Communication Platform Works

Optimize Patient and Staff Safety

Get a more
complete picture
of a patient’s
situation faster

45% improvement
in stroke treatment

Metro Health
University of

Reduce cognitive
overload for

Distraction has
been shown to
play a role in
nearly 75 percent
of medical errors

Help reduce the
spread of
infectious disease

National Nurses
United has counted
at least 900 deaths
related to COVID-19

Improve the
experience for
patients and

8% overall
improvement in
hospital rating

UChicago Medicine

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Continuity Across Your Solution with a Single Vendor

You only need to make one call when you need support
Built-in FDA 510(k)-cleared Middleware

Scale the routing of alarm notifications

150+ System Integrations

No more information siloes

Unified Software Strategy

Common experience for all users

End-User Device Flexibility

Right device for your role and task

Safe, Effective Clinical Communication
Now and in the Future

As hospitals look for ways to protect patients and care teams now and in the future, solving for safer, more efficient clinical communication has become an imperative. Join us for a series of four webinars, each hosted by an IT expert and a clinical executive from Vocera.

Strategies for Safe, Efficient CommunicationFollow Bob, a cardiac patient, on his safe, efficient journey through the hospital. Discover the impact of connecting all the people and information needed to deliver patient care.


How to Communicate Safely While Wearing PPEWalk in the shoes of a nurse and her team as they deliver a smooth, safe experience for patients. Discover why wearable, hands-free, voice-controlled communication is essential to delivering care safely, efficiently, and with strong human connection.


Smartphones: Understand How Patient Safety Comes FirstExperience how care teams optimize patient safety with an intuitive smartphone app by helping clinicians to make decisions in real time.


How to Strengthen Patient Safety: Connect Care Teams and Improve Clinical WorkflowLearn how hospitals enhance patient safety by enabling filtering, routing, escalation, and prioritization of alert and alarm notifications that clinicians receive on their device of choice.


Explore Solutions in Action

Carol easily triages incoming Communication, manages priorities, and communicates across the care team

Amid  complexity and chaos, a trauma nurse, misses a viral piece of information and a major mistake is set

In a single hospital unit or across an entire health system, the Vocera Platform helps you bring care together

One in four nurses has been assaulted. The touch of a button can reduce minutes to seconds and save lives.

Ease Applications is now part of Vocera

Jen easily determines what to prioritize next and the patient stays at the center of the care teams focus