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The hospital environment is complex and constantly changing.Patient care happens second by second. That’s why patient safety depends on a communication system that is flexible and dynamic, with software that allows clinicians to make intervention decisions in real time and communicate instantly.With the Vocera Vina smartphone app, you can see the most important communications first in an intuitive, customizable experience.
  • Real-time clinical decisions and instant communication.
  • Vocera Vina is part of the Vocera Platform – the intelligent ecosystem that connects all the people and information needed to deliver patient care.

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Communication Designed Around You

Triage Incoming Communication Quickly

See relevant contextual information with notifications, messages, and phone calls.

See the Whole Conversation in One Thread

See the full history of communication pertaining to a patient or event linked within a single conversational thread.

Find and Call People Quickly

Easily access anyone by saying their name, role, or group.

Optimize Patient Safety

Easily triage the importance of incoming communication and form a meaningful picture of a situation quickly. See the most important communications first.


Nurses receive automatic alerts in real time when a patient’s status declines or when a patient is at risk for sepsis. Communicate with other care team members instantly.

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Smartphone Strategy


Whether you’re using smartphones in a BYOD, shared use, or personal use model, or need specific team members to communicate and collaborate hands-free, we have a solution to suit your strategy.

Vocera Vina Smartphone App