Hospital Patient and Staff Safety

Enable staff to summon help instantly. Help clinicians make real-time clinical decisions and communicate instantly in critical situations.

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Learn how care teams can help ensure patient safety.

Guide 1: Select 6 Ways Hospitals Strengthen Patient Safety with Help from Vocera

Guide 2: Select 5 Ways Hospitals Strengthen Staff Safety with Vocera

Strengthen Staff Safety

How to

  • 1Strengthen communication
  • 2Optimize patient flow
  • 3Create a quieter environment
  • 4Support team members’ emotional well-being
  • 5Enable swift emergency communication and response

Case Study

Saratoga Hospital deployed Vocera to allow seamless communication in isolation environments. The technology enabled the hospital to prepare and respond with agility.

  • Care teams can communicate safety and efficiently in isolation environments and while wearing PPE.
  • Team members reduce their risk of self-contamination by minimizing the number of team members who must be in the patient room during intubation.
  • Staff working in an isolation environment don’t have to waste time or PPE or interrupt patient care if they need supplies.

Access Guide

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Our Solutions Improve Safety


Communicate directly and instantly inside or outside the hotel property with a discreet, wearable, hands-free communication device, the Vocera Smartbadge.


Make it easy to reach help instantly in an emergency. Vocera technology integrates with other campus safety technologies to help accelerate law enforcement response and communication in the event of a threat or emergency.


The Vocera Smartbadge is a discreet, wearable, and the hands-free panic button that’s always with you.

Strengthen Staff Safety With Vocera Smartbadge

Summon Help Instantly, Locate Staff Easily

  • In a moment of distress, reach nearby coworkers instantly by using voice commands to call by name, role, or group.
  • In an emergency, press the panic button on the Vocera Smartbadge to open a dedicated communication channel with security personnel.
Reach help instantly with dedicated panic button
“Hospitals wanting to help ensure staff safety should deploy a workflow and communication platform that enables real-time, urgent workflow and communication – and a way to summon help instantly.”
Brent Lang
Chairman and CEO at Vocera

Meet Patient Safety Goals

Help address The Joint Commission’s guidance by enabling better clinical communication and workflow through Vocera technology.

*The Joint Commission. "Improving Patient and Worker Safety: Opportunities for Synergy, Collaboration, and Innovation." The Joint Commission, Nov 2012