The 2021 CNO Report

Protect the Nurse, Protect the Practice

Effective Communication Is the Foundation for Keeping Nurses Safe

In the AHA 2021 Environmental Scan, the emotional health and well-being of staff emerged as a top challenge for nurse leaders during the pandemic. At every CNO roundtable I attend, nurse leaders express deep concern about nurses’ cognitive overload, the fatigue it causes, and how to address it.

My 2021 CNO Perspective report outlines six solutions for creating a safer, more effective work environment for nurses, including:

  • 1Keeping nurses protected and safe
  • 2Empowering nurses with control over patient-family communication
  • 3Reducing the stress of crisis care
  • 4Enabling smooth movement from novice to expert and back
  • 5Protecting nurses from workplace violence
  • 6Measuring and solving for communication task load

Rhonda Collins
Chief Nursing
Officer at Vocera

"Communication powers all workflow, and effective communication is the underpinning of everything that happens in a hospital.”

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Reduce the Noise and Chaos, Improve Safety

Author Background

Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN has served as Chief Nursing Officer at Vocera since January 2014. As CNO, Dr. Collins is responsible for working with nursing leadership groups globally to increase their understanding of Vocera solutions, share clinical best practices, and bring their specific requirements to our product and solutions teams.

Effective communication is the primary foundation of a safe and effective work environment.

The more we listen to nurses’ voices, the better we can support them.

Nobody should feel as if they’re on an island. Nobody should feel alone and unsafe.

The unfamiliar is the enemy in a crisis.

Empowering Nurses with Control over Patient-Family Communication.