Improve Patient Experience

The Moments That Patients Remember Most

Patient experience is more than customer service or “chasing” higher HCAHPS, or satisfaction ratings. True patient experience reflects the total perceived value from interacting with a health system. It encompasses clinical innovation and operating standards that have a positive ripple effect throughout the health delivery system. The best experience is a seamless, compassionate healthcare journey — from the first impression to the last.

Vocera Badge: Emergency Broadcast Play

How Communication Technology Improves Experience

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital uses the wearable Vocera Badge to enable its highly-mobile care team members to connect, communicate and collaborate instantly anywhere in the hospital.

The Journey to the Ideal Human Experience

Leading edge healthcare organizations recognize that the only way to chart a course to long-term, sustainable growth is to differentiate on the human experience they deliver to patients and families, and the physicians, nurses and staff responsible for their care.

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Improve Communication with Patients and Family Members

Patients who understand their care plan are more likely to follow treatment, modify lifestyle choices and behaviors, and adhere to instructions. Communication technology can support patients and their loved ones throughout the healthcare experience by facilitating effective patient engagement before, during and after a hospital stay.

Improve communication

Improve Clinical Response to Patient Needs

Vocera integrates with more than 150 clinical systems to deliver easy access to data, enabling care teams to make critical decisions quickly and respond to patient needs faster.

Improve clinical response

Reduce Readmissions

See how nurses can record live discharge instructions and teach-back sessions at the patient's bedside as well as attach pictures, videos, and personalized educational materials. Patients, family members and other caregivers can securely access this information, improving patient understanding, satisfaction and readmission rates.


Improve HCAHPS Ratings

HCAHPS ratings are a strong indicator of patient loyalty, greater reimbursement, and competitive differentiation. The Vocera Experience Innovation Network partners with your organization to improve patient experience and achieve top satisfaction scores.


Grow Market Share

As healthcare becomes increasingly competitive, organizations that focus on the human experience will create market differentiation that drives patient and staff satisfaction, creates lasting loyalty, and improves outcomes. In an effort to restore human connections in healthcare, Vocera delivers technology that improves communication and builds trusted relationships between clinicians and patients. By improving workflow efficiency, Vocera enables care team members to spend more time at the bedside and connect beyond the four walls of the hospital.


Maximize Medical Reimbursements

Hospitals that reduce readmission rates while simultaneously improving patient experience will reap the benefits of maximized reimbursements, lower costs, and increased market share — ultimately delivering high quality care for patients.


Case Study: University of Chicago Medicine

Together with Vocera, The University of Chicago Medicine built an infrastructure that infuses the voice of patients, families, staff and physicians, boosting willingness-to-recommend top box scores by 39 points.

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