Vocera Communication Solutions for Hospitality

Streamline Hotel Operations and Improve Safety by Enabling Direct, Instant, Hands-Free Communication

Streamline facility operations and enhance the guest experience by enabling staff to communicate directly and instantly hands-free, manage service requests, and summon help instantly with one discrete, wearable device. Integrate Vocera solutions with your PBX and service request system to streamline staff workflow and allow faster response to guests’ needs. Enable staff to communicate safely and efficiently while wearing PPE.

Guest Services: Connected, Protected, and Responsive – Hands-Free

The Vocera Smartbadge and Vocera Minibadge are lightweight, wearable devices that are ideal for staff members who need to communicate hands free.

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Strengthen Staff Safety with the Vocera Smartbadge and Minibadge

Communicate easily inside or outside the hotel property with discreet, wearable, hands-free communication devices.

Summon Help Instantly, Locate Staff Simply
  • Get help in an urgent situation or emergency by activating the dedicated panic button to reach help quickly.
  • Reach coworkers instantly by saying their name, role, or group.

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Workflow Efficiency

  • Choose the right device for the role: Vocera communication software also runs on iOS® and Android™ smartphones. Equip each user with the appropriate device to meet the needs of their job.
  • Respond to calls or texts without interrupting critical tasks or important interaction with guests.
  • Say the name, group, department, or role of the person you’re trying to reach, to connect instantly. There’s no need to know a name, extension, or phone number.

Guest Satisfaction. Staff Efficiency

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Connect Hospitality Teams Quickly and Efficiently, Hands-Free.

Connect Hospitality Teams Quickly and Efficiently, Hands-Free.

Connect Hospitality Teams Quickly and Efficiently, Hands-Free.

Explore Case Studies

The Savoy: A Fairmont Hotel

The Savoy Guests Receive London’s First Bespoke VIP Check-In Experience with Vocera

“Check in was unbelievable; as soon as we walked into the hotel, we were met by one of the staff who immediately knew who we were—it was as if she was waiting for us to arrive! Absolutely seamless service. Whilst she gave us a brief talk about the hotel and escorted us to our room, I was barely aware that our luggage was being taken to our room.”
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The Mansion on Turtle Creek

Envisioning the Future of Hospitality: Improving Five-Star Service With Vocera

“The Vocera System was a good, easy tie-in to our telephone system. We saw how staff could use it, so it was a really nice fit; a much better fit than what we could have done with cellular technology.”
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