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Strengthen Safety and Satisfaction for Patients and Staff

Thousands of alarms and alerts sound in a hospital every day, leading to interruption fatigue and desensitization.

Vocera can help your hospital reduce these interruptions. We offer a single platform that can be configured to integrate, aggregate, and filter information from multiple systems.

Caregivers receive only actionable alarm and alert notifications while those that are non-actionable are filtered out. Notifications include context about the patient, event, and care team – enhancing situational awareness and enabling caregivers to prioritize.

Putting Alarm Fatigue in Context

Learn about the implications of alarm fatigue on patient safety and outcomes.

Putting Alarm Fatigue

The Right Analytics Engine is the Gateway to Effective Alarm Management

Get this report to learn how innovators like Johns Hopkins Hospital and Boston Medical Center are addressing alarm management, and how the right technology can reduce alarm fatigue, increase patient safety and improve outcomes.

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Key Features

Make Adjustments Based on Alarm Activity

Viewing real-time alarm activity shows which patients are eliciting the most alarms so limits or nursing assignments can be adjusted. Learn More ›

Vocera Alarm Management and Clinical Analytics

Implement evidence-based alarm management to reduce alarm fatigue and enable clinicians to quickly prioritize and respond to critical alarms. Learn More ›

Webinar: Deliver an Evidence-based Alarm Management Strategy Through Analytics

Christopher Roubique of Healthcare Business Insights and experts from Vocera review strategies to reduce alarm fatigue, improve patient safety and comply with requirements from the Joint Commission.

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