Improve Patient Satisfaction with Ease

With the Vocera Ease all-in-one messaging application, hospitals can deliver an exceptional patient experience that’s convenient for patient and loved ones and efficient for your care teams. Connect with your patients using secure messaging and two-way video conferencing, which together function as one seamless solution. Improving patient satisfaction scores and communication with your patients' loved ones is now easier than ever with the Ease app.

Messaging patients' family members during care is a convenient and effective way to communicate and update them to the next steps of care progress. Family members are no longer tied to specific areas of the facility, waiting for information on their loved one. Care teams can seamlessly send updates from anywhere in the hospital. Sending text message updates during a patient’s surgery and hospital stay significantly improve patient satisfaction and overall engagement.

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By removing the veil and providing transparency you are removing doubt from families.
Cary D’Ortona President Orlando
Health Arnold Palmer Hospital

Orlando Health Case Study

Improving Communication from the Operating Room

A New Mobile App that is Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores

Orlando Health’s usage of the Ease mobile app resulted in a 98% reduced anxiety rate for patients and their families in the waiting room. Surveys of patient families show improvements in patient satisfaction, while nurses surveyed preferred the app over a phone call to families.

See How Ease Improves Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Outcomes

Adult Surgery

0% Improvement in
Patient Satisfaction scores

Pediatric Surgery

0% Improvement in
Patient Satisfaction scores

One-Way Texts,
Pictures, and Videos

Improve patient
satisfaction and help
reduce anxiety
with secure,

Two-Way Video

Improve patient
satisfaction with
communication when
patients and families
can’t be together


Easily measure
patient satisfaction
and enable
families to send
feedback to nurses