Vocera Hands-Free Communication Devices

Be Connected. Be Protected.

Simplify hospital communication and workflow and improve staff safety with Vocera hands-free communication devices. The Vocera Smartbadge and Minibadge are lightweight and purpose-built for the patient care environment.

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Why Vocera Hands-Free Communication

Streamline Hospital Communications

Streamline communication and workflow in an intuitive experience.

Improve Staff Safety

Communicate hands-free, even under restrictive PPE. Summon help discreetly with a dedicated panic button.

Help Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Receive prioritized messages and alarm notifications based on rules set by your organization.

Purpose-built for the Patient Care Environment


Get smartphone usability and hands-free mobility with the wearable Smartbadge's ample touchscreen. Make and receive calls, read and type text messages, and receive alarm notifications with context.


Operate the lightweight, wearable Minibadge using only your voice, as a smartphone companion or by itself. Make and receive calls, and listen and respond to messages and alarm notifications hands-free.

Explore Functionality

Choose the right device for your role and workflow

Minibadge Capabilities:

Use the small, lightweight Vocera Minibadge to make and receive calls, and listen and respond to messages and alarm notifications hands-free. Triage the urgency of events fast with visual indicators. Use the Minibadge with your smartphone to view and share detailed patient, event, and care team context for messages and alarms when needed. Take calls on the Minibadge or transfer them to your smartphone. For privacy, use a headset.

Smartbadge Capabilities:

With the Smartbadge, combine smartphone usability and hands-free mobility. Use the ample touchscreen to find contacts quickly, with a real-time view of patients and staff across multiple sites. Read and type text messages, and receive alarm notifications with context about the patient, event, and care team. Hold the device like a handset for privacy as needed.

What Customers Are Saying

Enhanced Communication

We selected the Vocera Smartbadge to keep our staff and patients safe and connected. Vocera technology stood out to us as the perfect solution to enhance communication across all areas of our facility.
Jon Linnell
Chief Executive Officer
North Valley Health Center

Critical Notifications

The right staff members receive nurse call, code blue, code white, patient emergency, laboratory, bed exit, and other critical notifications.
Chris Young
Clinical Informatics Specialist
Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre

Staff and Patient Safety

We recently had a nurse in a potentially dangerous situation with a patient and are grateful we had Vocera in place. The nurse was alone with a patient who started to fall. She was able to quickly call for help and prevent the fall, and any injury to herself.
Sara Kazmierczak, RN
Chief Nurse Officer
North Valley Health Center
Smartbadge & Minibadge