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When the good of all hinges on the contributions of many, the power of community matters more than ever.

Dr. Duffy discusses the need to provide safety and support to clinicians on the frontlines.

Dr. Duffy distills the power of human connection.

Panel discussion including the risks and patient safety challenges involved in social issues.

Thought Leadership: Research that Challenges the Status Quo

Strategy and Governance
Be part of a living, breathing laboratory that’s advancing the dialog and setting the pace for putting science behind the human experience. Our research calls on the knowledge of our members, and of leading experts inside and outside healthcare. We spotlight the novel approaches that are changing medicine for the better. Our research takes a pulse on the industry from an executive standpoint and from the front lines: Where are people focusing their energy? What’s on the horizon? We disseminate research reports that challenge organizations to think differently and adopt new standards of care.

Caring Greatly Podcast

Caring Greatly
The podcast for leaders who bring humanity to the work of healthcare transformation.