Veterinarian with dog

Communication for Veterinary Hospitals

Connect your care teams quickly and efficiently with wearable, hands-free communication for veterinary care environments. Communicate and collaborate easily.

Save steps and time Communicate safely while wearing PPE Reach help instantly in an emergency


We love how Vocera technology helps us create a calm environment for our clients and patients.
– Michele Tinsley, LVT, Hospital Manager and Veterinary Nursing Administrator at VERG Brooklyn


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Veterinary Customer Stories

“...I can connect with the right doctor in an instant and my patient’s treatment won’t be delayed.”
– Michelle Urrutia, Emergency and Internal Medicine Technician at VERG


“Finally, a dependable way to get a hold of someone when you really need it!”
– Sheryl Ferguson, Large Animal Manager at University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center


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Connect Veterinary Care Teams Quickly and Efficiently, Hands-Free.

Send and receive voice messages.

Make a conference call using your Smartbadge.

Learn the meanings of your Minibadge LED status and notification lights.

To make a call on your Minibadge, use the wake word "Ok Vocera" to activate the Genie and tell it who you'd like to call.

See what makes the Vocera Minibadge a special device for caregivers.