Alert and Alarm Management Delivered by the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine

Solution Briefs

Improve the Accuracy and Efficiency of Care Team Communication and Reduce Costs

The Vocera® Clinical Workflow Engine eliminates the need for additional middleware by enabling the Vocera Communication System to operate as a single source for clinical integrations, including nurse call and patient monitoring.


Managing the overwhelming number of alerts and alarms in the clinical environment is no easy task. Hospitals want to reduce alert and alarm fatigue by ensuring the right information reaches the right person at the right time, allowing healthcare workers to focus on the most important alerts and help drive positive patient outcomes.

The ability to send only relevant notifications to care team members on their Vocera device of choice goes a long way toward enabling clinicians to prioritize and respond to patient needs more efficiently. For example, critical alarms can be delivered with wave forms and vital signs to help clinicians determine which alarms require immediate intervention. In addition, requests from patients and staff can be sent from the nurse call system directly to the care team member best equipped to respond to improve efficiency and reduce noise.

Between 72 and 99 percent of all clinical alarms do not require clinical intervention, therefore, this contextual data plays a crucial role in improving patient safety and care team efficiency while reducing the growing concerns of alarm fatigue. In fact, clinical alarm safety and management is one of the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals.

Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine Solution

The Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine allows you to deliver the real-time nurse call and patient monitoring information care teams need to improve patient outcomes and staff efficiency – without the need for a third-party middleware system.

Experienced Vocera Clinical Solutions Consultants work with hospitals’ clinical leadership to create and document the clinical design for predictable, accurate, and consistent workflow.

Key Benefits

Vocera integrates seamlessly with industry-leading nurse call and patient monitoring systems. As a provider of integrated clinical communication solutions, Vocera delivers improved efficiencies, accuracy, and cost reduction.

Advanced Workflow Capabilites

• Rules-based escalation of critical alerts and alarms to role-based groups ensure they reach the right person
• Workflow defined at the hospital unit level provides consistency and ensures programming accuracy
• User-initiated escalation and immediate escalation when no users are available improves response times
• Support for custom tones enables staff to recognize alerts and alarms by their sound
• Support for all types of clinical data including waveforms, images, and textual data

Complete Analytics and Reporting

• Vocera Clinical Analytics allows hospitals to create a data driven alarm management strategy to improve patient safety and care team efficiency while reducing alarm fatigue
• Alert and alarm details with filtering on bed, unit, alarm type, and staff to accurately identify alarms for problem resolution
• Granular traceability for each and every alarm sent through the system supports accurate auditing
• Alarm density, distribution, and response time analytics to improve patient safety and care team efficiency while reducing alarm fatigue
• Integrated system improves accuracy and efficiency of communication data flow, reporting, and analytics

Streamlined System Management

• Utilizes Vocera Platform for configuration of sites, units, and groups
• Seamless integration with the Vocera Badge and Vocera Collaboration Suite
• Enterprise-class redundancy and failover technology Complete System Security
• Encrypted data delivery and storage on mobile devices for PHI protection
• No data left on device adds an additional level of protection
• HIPAA compliant

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