2021 Strategic Roadmap for the Real-Time Health System

We believe the Vocera platform is crucial to actualizing the real time health system.

In this report, Gartner outlines the benefits of the real-time health system and defines and prioritizes the technologies required to realize a complete real-time health system transformation. Vocera currently offers solutions that solve for:

  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Clinical Communication and Collaboration
  • Healthcare Interoperability
  • Care Team Collaboration
  • Next-Generation Nurse Call
  • Patient Throughput and Capacity Management
  • Interactive Patient Care

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Clinical and technology leaders can use this roadmap to benchmark your organization’s technological maturity, identify areas of need, and prioritize strategic investment within the next one to five years.

The Roadmap goes beyond a simple prioritization, providing guidance on both why and how to undertake ambitious transformation.

Accelerate Your RTHS Journey

Get a more
complete picture
of a patient’s
situation faster

45% improvement
in stroke treatment

Metro Health
University of

Reduce cognitive
overload for

Distraction has
been shown to
play a role in
nearly 75 percent
of medical errors

Help reduce the
spread of
infectious disease

National Nurses
United has counted
at least 900 deaths
related to COVID-19

Improve the
experience for
patients and

8% overall
improvement in
hospital rating

UChicago Medicine

Integrated with Clinical and Operational Systems

“The integration of Vocera technology with our life-safety system is like having our own 911 center. It lets us respond to urgent resident needs faster and more intelligently.”

Karen KempSystems Analyst/Project Manager Covia