Communication to Strengthen Campus Security and School Safety

Improve efficiency by enabling teachers, administrators, security personnel, and others to communicate directly in real time

Make it easy to reach help instantly in an emergency from anywhere using WIFI.

Vocera technology integrates with other campus safety technologies to help accelerate law enforcement response and allow broad communication in the event of a threat or environmental emergency.

The Vocera Badge is a discreet, wearable communication device that lets you communicate easily and hands free by using your voice.

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The Vocera communication solution includes a wearable panic button that’s always with you.

Alert security staff to an urgent situation.

Locate staff member wearing a Badge from any mobile device.

With our intelligent software platform, there’s no need to know a name, extension, or phone number.

Smartbadge and Minibadge

Minibadge & Smartbadge

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Support Student Engagement
Eliminate overhead announcements that disrupt teaching time. Teachers no longer must rely on their personal cell phones when they need to reach someone directly. They can talk hands free on the Vocera Badge or hold it like a phone handset for more privacy.
Create a Quieter Environment for Teaching and Learning
Eliminate overhead announcements that disrupt teaching time. Preserve a peaceful classroom environment and promote classroom safety by allowing teachers to control communication with a Do Not Disturb feature, private voicemail, and ability to switch to handset mode for privacy and discreet communication.
Create a Communication Hub for School Security and School Safety
The Vocera platform integrates with other campus security technologies to help accelerate law enforcement and EMT response and allow broad communication. In the event of a disaster when cell towers can become saturated and inoperable, Vocera users can still communicate across campus and beyond with a dedicated communication line using WiFi.

Hands-Free Communication for the Mobile Work Environment

Integrates with multiple emergency communication solutions including:

  • 1
    Situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification
  • 2
    Critical event management solutions that rapidly pinpoint threats and automate response
  • 3
    Solutions for access control and video surveillance

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